You Gets What You Gets


A client or customer will call me or read with me, and as the process of helping necessitates, I will take in all of the information and combine that with my impressions, and I will formulate a course of action. Now, sometimes what I pop out with will jive exactly with what a given client/customer is anticipating, but other times, not so much. Also, sometimes I may have the same goal in mind for one client as I do for another, but I will prescribe two entirely different works for them. I don’t say or do that because I am bored. I say or do that because that is what my spirit is telling me will work. I am saying or doing that because that is what your spirit is telling me you will do. I am saying or doing that because my Spirits are telling me that is what is needed.

So, if you come to me for reconciliation work and I tell you that a revelation-type work is what is needed, I’m not saying that to be difficult. It’s just that is what Spirit is telling me will best help the situation. If you pay me for my time and guidance, you best be ready and willing to embrace and follow-through with whatever comes out, else you will be wasting your money. You gets what you gets. Caveat emptor!

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