Technique: Directionality


Utilizing the proper directionality when doing a trick/work falls under the category of “Technique.” What I have come to understand in conjure, is that many of these techniques or propensities to do a thing a particular way are usually done as a means of reinforcing the work. That is, things are performed in this particular way not to make the work easier, nor to make the work cheaper to perform, nor to save time when doing the work, but to actually make the work stronger.

So, in the realm of techniques, directionality, IMHO, is pretty important, because it can be a make-or-break kind of thing. It can be the difference between your work being successful and it not.

You may ask, “How so?” Well, for example, if you want to do a drawing work but you are folding your petition away from you, that’s like saying one thing but doing another. It causes an inconsistency in the vibes, confusion with what you want or don’t want. When, as we all know, the more laser focused you can be, the more consistent in thought-deed-action you can be, the more likely you will get what you want.

The following are some more common examples of how directionality is used in hoodoo/conjure.

To draw things to you, utilize clockwise (deosil) motion when possible; in addition, utilize things that catch, grasp, hook, pull in, and travel around and then return.To remove things from you, utilize counterclockwise (widdershins) motion
when possible; in addition, utilize things that are reflective, move backwards, or travel away without returning.
Fold petitions/packets/dollar bills toward youFold petitions/packets away from you
Turn petitions 90° to the right, for three turnsTurn petitions 90° to the left, for three turns
Wash up the body; apply dressing oils from the feet to the headWash down the body; apply dressing oils from the head to the feet
Roll found money toward youRoll blockages away from you (like the stone on Jesus’ tomb); roll a coconut around the house and out the front door
Wrap thread/twine/cord toward youWrap thread/twine/cord away from you
Dress/inscribe candles from the wick to the baseDress/inscribe from the base to the wick
Move candles toward you/your proxyMove candles away from you/your proxy
Release bathwater/scrub water to the east/the rising sunRelease bathwater/scrub water to the west/the setting sun
To lay down powders to draw blessings to you, place them before you and walk into them; say something like, “This prosperity is mine and I claim it.”To lay down powders to curse someone
else, place them before you and walk backwards while sprinkling the powder and calling theirname into the work—”Janice Dolittle is run off this job, in a hurry.”
To keep positive things close, place them in your own house/keep them on your property.To send negative things away, throw them off of your property, place them in a dumpster, outhouse, crossroads, running water, etc.
To draw blessings to your home, place positive works by your front door, on your front porch, by your front gate, in your house, etc.To send curses to someone else, place negative works by their front door, by their front gate, under their front porch, in their house, etc.

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