clove buds

What’s Clove Got To Do With It?


Cloves are the fragrant flower buds of an Indonesia tree called “Syzygium aromaticum.” Clove has all kinds of practical uses as a flavoring, fragrance additive, insect repellent, as well those uses that take advantage of its healing properties. For those of us who grew up thinking that clove buds were just those funny things that folks stuck in hams, boy were we wrong, ‘cause clove has got it goin’ on!

Magically speaking, clove’s ability to create a sense of warmth, coupled with its arousing and sensuous smell, make it perfect for use in attraction, love, and lust drawing works. It is said to be good for friendship, too. Try substituting a pair of clove buds in works where one might use a pair of magnets, a pair of Balm of Gilead buds, or Adam and Eve roots.

Clove is also an excellent ingredient for works of banishment, purification, and protection. Associated with the sun and fire, it has a forceful and commanding aspect to it. Cloves burned with camphor will cast off negativity, spiritual attacks, the evil eye, and other low vibes in the environment, as well as remove obstacles, and draw money and wealth. It is utilized in this fashion by Hindus and feng shui practitioners, among others.

Speaking of drawing money and wealth, clove is said to be good for obtaining employment, asking for a raise, and keeping bad mouthing coworkers on a leash. It helps by drawing good luck (so also good for gambling), providing courage while calming the mind, and compelling gossips to stop.

As I mentioned, clove has a commanding aspect to it. Besides stopping gossip, it is said to have the ability to make others do what you say. Simply hold a clove bud under your tongue and then ask what you will of the Target; they will be compelled to comply.

Lastly, clove makes an excellent base for incense, as it actually burns hotter than most other bases. In this way, it provides better combustion of the other ingredients in the mixture and makes the most of them.

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