Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


One of the common themes I deal with in my practice is the classic “homewrecker” scenario. Sometimes this other person may be using some kind of magick and sometimes not. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, the result is the same; a couple is broken up/a home is broken up and there’s a lot of pain where there should be only love and happiness. (Queue up the Reverend Al Green, here.)

Now, if your person is running around on you, I don’t care what they may say, they do not care about you. Furthermore, they are a cowardly piece of shit, because there is nothing but their own lack of integrity keeping them from saying, “Hey, this is the way it is.”

Oddly enough, if your person does, VERY EARLY ON, come to you and say, “I want somebody else,” then I would say that if you wanted to, they may be worth doing some work on to try and bring them back. Reason being that they have made an effort to be honest, and they have taken responsibility for their feelings and their part of the relationship, and that is something you can build on—someone whose words and actions are in alignment.

However, if they are one of these lyin’ and denyin’, belly-crawlin’ snakes that you have to nail to a wall to get them to admit their actions, then there is nothing redeeming there. Short of having to depend on their insurance to live, I wouldn’t waste a moment of thought on wondering whether or not it was time to move on. In fact, for me, it would be a race to the door!

Often in these scenarios a lot is made about the other person—“the other person is to blame,” “the other person is workin’ the voodoo on my man,” “that hussy is messing with his head and he has done run off!” Well, that may very well be true, but what about that supposed Love of Your Life? Takes two to tango. Granted, some people are especially weak-spirited and easily manipulated, but is that who you want in your life? Sure, you may be able to dominate them now, but what about later? Well, later, it may not take much at all to turn their head and have them off being someone else’s plaything.

No, what you want is someone that you don’t have to worry about. Someone who is secure, honest, says what they mean and means what they say, and always has your back; your ride or die. Especially, in these days and times, it is more important now—than ever—that you surround yourself with the right people, and nobody HAS TO BE MORE RIGHT than your partner. Ain’t nobody got time for anything less.

Now, typically, your first impulse will be to curse these other love interests into the next world and beyond. But this is not the answer, because often these people are victims, too. In fact, by drawing away the attentions of your Less-Than-Love, they are actually doing you a favor, whether you are prepared to recognize it or not. Trust me though, they are.

Instead, I encourage you to view these people, who turn the heads of your loved ones, as some sort of divine intervention—they are nothing less than saviors of your love, time, and energy. At the very least they are showing you where something has gone wrong and whether or not it is worth fixing. At the very best, they are the key to your freedom that will allow you to find yourself again and to find your ride or die, and if that ride or die is you, then that’s okay, too. Whatever the case, you will be so much greater without that ex, than you ever were with them. While your ride or die may be on the horizon, remember that being alone is an upgrade, too.

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