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This Blog’s purpose is to act as a repository for my thoughts on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. I hope to share with you information and techniques that will help you get the most out of your practice. I also hope to share other bits of information regarding folklore, superstitions, the metaphysical, the paranormal, and the like, as these areas are also of interest to me and have a tendency to overlap with my other areas of interest. It is my hope that this blog becomes a source of enrichment and entertainment for us both.


Family legend says that my great-grandmother had the “shine” and that she would help out people in the neighborhood with a tincture here and a tea reading there – things that she had learned from the “Black Gypsies” when she was coming up in North Carolina. It is also said that her daughter, my grandmother, frequently exhibited an uncanny ability to know the future, could take the measure of a person in moments, and would converse at length with the many animals that hung around the family’s Indiana homestead.

Oddly enough, my mother always referred to their doings as “their funny ways” and “superstitious hogwash.” Yet, I also know that it was not beyond my mother to put a little menstrual blood in her man’s food to keep him faithful. It would seem that the familiar propensity to do what I do was there the whole time. There just wasn’t a name for it, it was just the way one did.

Growing up in Denton, Texas, I was unaware of hoodoo as a body of knowledge until, at the age of eleven, our family babysitter disclosed to me that watching other people’s kids was not what she considered her actual occupation. Turns out, she was a self-identified “hoodoo” and my first real teacher of things spiritual and conjure-related. Among other things, she taught me not to fear the spirits that would pass in front of us while we were watching TV, how to train hunting money, and that even if one does not believe in a curse, a curse doesn’t care.

Yes, Ms. Brown’s kind tutelage opened up a whole new world to me. I then saw the hoodoo everywhere; a neighbor standing a broom up in a corner, or a friend’s mom stealing a cabbage leaf at the store, the man at the barber shop spitting at another’s feet as he walked away, and tons of wild goin’s on that you just would not believe if I told ya’.

Decades later, I’m still at it! While I have explored plenty of other paths and have enjoyed the benefit of other very talented teachers, hoodoo/rootwork/conjure just resonates best with who I am as a person and a practitioner – natural, practical, and no bullshit. Perhaps conjure resonates with you, too. In any case, WELCOME!

Love, peace, and chicken feet,

Madame Ja

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