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This Blog’s purpose is to act as a repository for my thoughts on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. I hope to share with you information and techniques that will help you get the most out of your practice. I also hope to share other bits of information regarding folklore, superstitions, the metaphysical, the paranormal, and the like, as these areas are also of interest to me and have a tendency to overlap with my other areas of interest. It is my hope that this blog becomes a source of enrichment and entertainment for us both.


From the earliest of ages I was drawn to spirituality, the supernatural, and the occult. I marveled at the many miracles I learned of in Bible study, and was equally fascinated by the clever and outrageous machinations of the various deities portrayed in Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. To me, there most definitely was a Loch Ness Monster and a Mothman, and far too many people who couldn’t get along with the previous inhabitants of their houses. I always wanted to be a “Gypsy,” black cat, or a witch when Halloween rolled around. Tarot cards were a fascinating book of ciphers that would either give me the keys to the future, or lead my soul to eternal damnation, or both. Ouija boards were equal parts thrilling and terrifying. The things I saw and heard weren’t the same things that others saw and heard. There always just seemed like there was a whole lot of something “other” that most people didn’t want to see or know or couldn’t see or know, but I did.

Due to my atypical family structure (many marriages, half-siblings, step-siblings, a sibling with Cerebral Palsy), I moved around a bit (Texas, Ohio, Indiana), but still always felt out of place. I sought refuge in nature and would spend hours upon hours just watching it do its thing. That’s not to say I wasn’t also rooting around in the dirt and touching every plant, insect, and animal I could get my hands on, because I was. I still do.

And while it is considered to be somewhat dubious to claim that any of one’s ancestors were workers, my grandmother and great-grandmother were. I experienced and learned some of my grandmother’s practices and beliefs—things she learned from her mother—and I feel their gifts course through me today, as they inform how I connect with the physical and spiritual world.

I am a follower of Jesus, but not today’s version of “Christian.” I believe that the Bible, among other things, is an extremely powerful grimoire. I also work with other belief systems, traditions, and their associated spirits and deities. I believe in equality among all people, the right to be who you want to be, the right to practice how you want to practice, bodily autonomy, good works, and respect and love as a birthright. I believe that rock and roll can never die.

At this point, I have been actively practicing some form of craft for 25+ years. I have studied under teachers of note and many people who never wanted to be famous, but could have easily been. My preferred areas of practice are hoodoo/rootwork and feng shui, but I will not hesitate to draw on other modalities or traditions, if I feel it suits the circumstance or if it is the approach a client needs or is open to receiving.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s important to me that you get an idea of who I am as person and a practitioner.

Love, peace, and chicken feet,

Madame Ja

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