Moneymaker Shaker Bottle


This little trick is worked by shaking a bottle, hence the name “Shaker Bottle.” However, that is not the only way a shaker bottle can be worked. Burning a candle on a shaker bottle is also effective if the bottle’s structure and materials are suitable. Therefore, it is best to determine the purpose and method of working with the would-be shaker bottle before picking a bottle to use.

I always make a point of matching the bottle to the work’s intent. For example, I would not use an empty vinegar bottle for a sweetening shaker or a hot sauce bottle to create a peaceful home shaker because those substances are counter to sweetening and peace. Furthermore, if my desire is to also burn candles on the shaker, I will be careful to use a metal or cork top on a glass bottle, as that combination is certainly more fire-safe than plastic, which should never be used.

If you do not want to burn candles on your shaker bottle, then a plastic bottle will do nicely. Empty medicine bottles work great, especially if the intent is to address a medical issue. Furthermore, pill bottles hide easily in plain sight. The appearance of a pill bottle in one’s purse, desk, or cabinet is not out of place, whereas something that is large and perhaps encrusted with wax could draw unwanted attention.

Picking that special bottle really just comes down to purpose, method, and convenience.

My preferred bottle for this shaker is one of the Spice Island Seasonings bottles. For example, I would buy a bottle of cinnamon (for money), dump out and save the cinnamon, and then start creating my work from the empty bottle.* Alternately, I might use a salt shaker like the one pictured.

*Obviously, there are cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing. This is just how would do something for me.

Having located a clean, empty bottle, cup it between your hands and recite into it the Twenty-Third Psalm. Also, state the following petition or say something similar, into the bottle:

Money that I do not have, come to me.

Money that I have, stay with me.

Money that I spend, do the most for me.

Now, begin adding the magical ingredients.  Pray over each of the following items while you add them to the bottle. Praying over each item allows you to connect with its spirit and communicates clearly, what your intent for each ingredient is. Ask the spirit of each ingredient to be your helper in accomplishing what it is you ask.

  • A pinch of Cinnamon
  • A pinch of Sugar
  • A pinch of Salt
  • A pinch of Alkanet Root
  • A pinch of Five-Finger Grass
  • A pinch of Sassafras Leaf
  • Three Mojo Beans
  • A petition

As you add each bean, assign it a different task – (1) bring new money to me, (2) keep the money I have with me, and (3) make the money I spend do the most for me.

Lastly, add a petition paper. I will not go over that here because there are just so many ways to do it. I will say that I like to use either fake or real money on which to write my money-oriented petitions. Dress the petition with Mean Green Money Drawing Oil (product placement!). Fold the petition towards you and turn it 90 degrees to the right after each fold. Add it to the bottle.

Once everything is in the bottle, cup the now 3/4 of the way full bottle between your hands and recite into it the Twenty-Third Psalm.  Also, again state the following petition, or say something similar, into the bottle:

Money that I do not have, come to me.

Money that I have, stay with me.

Money that I spend, do the most for me.

Lastly, light some Mean Green Money Drawing incense , and blow some of its smoke into the mouth of the bottle before finally screwing on the top. After screwing on the top, shake the bottle between your thumb and forefinger and recite for the third time, the Twenty-Third Psalm, followed by your petition.

Try to shake the bottle twice a day when the hands of the clock are rising, for example, at 7:50 AM and 7:50 PM. When you do so, recite the prayer and/or your petition or just think about what it is you want – how you want to spend the money, who you want to spend it on, what you want to accomplish with it. In addition, you can also work the bottle by burning a tea light or offertory candle on the bottle on a Friday or some other day you feel appropriate.

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