A Couple of Pay Me! Works


A Gentle Shake to Remind Them

Use this first trick for a gentle persuasion type of Pay Me! working.  It is essentially a shaker bottle trick but it uses a piggy bank instead of a bottle. If you are unfamiliar with shaker bottles, then kindly refer to my previous post, here: Moneymaker Shaker Bottle. Follow the same format with regards to praying, creating the petition, and activating the work. If you use a metal or ceramic piggy bank, then you should be able to also burn candles on it.

Take a piggy bank (like the one pictured) and with a Sharpie, write on one side of it the name of the person from whom the money will come. On the other side of the piggy, write PAY ME! in big letters. Baptize the bank and tell it who it is and what it needs to do for you. (In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, your name is John Suchandsuch, and you need to pay me ASAP.)

Turn the piggy over, remove the stopper, and place the following inside:

  • A pinch of Cedar Leaf or Wood Chips
  • A whole John the Conqueror Root
  • A pinch of Licorice Root
  • Nine whole Allspice Berries
  • A pinch of Bayberry
  • One coin each: a penny, nickel, dime, quarter
  • A petition or a copy of Psalms 23

Dress the petition with Pay Me! Oil. Smoke the piggy with Pay Me! incense and then replace the stopper.  Work the piggy by shaking it and calling the target’s name. Tell him that it is now time for him to pay up!  Candles may also be burned on top of or near the piggy to heat up the work.

This piggy bank trick can also be used for money drawing of all kinds, just call the piggy something like, “My Money Magnet” and change the intention. You could also use it to house a lodestone and feed the lodestone magnetic sand through the coin slot. In that case, I would not shake the piggy, but it would still be OK to burn candles on top of it.

Enough of Your Shit, Just Pay Me! (AKA Cheap Therapy)

This work takes no prisoners. It is forceful and it is quite literally heavy-handed, but what ya’ gonna do?! Sometimes, you just can’t abide any more bullshit. Just the same, I wouldn’t use it on anyone you care about.

Take twenty-seven whole nutmeg nuts. Baptize them for the name of the person who owes you the money (or even an item). Anoint them with Pay Me and Commanding oils. Three times a day – at 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 9:00 PM – take one of the nutmegs and wrap it in a dishtowel. Get yourself a hammer or meat mallet.  Recite your petition for payment or pray the Psalm 94. Call the person’s name and tell him to pay you now! When you get to the word “now” smash the nutmeg with the hammer. Continue to hammer the nutmeg while unleashing a stream of verbal and emotional abuse towards the person who needs to pay. Just really let ‘em have it. Dump the crushed nutmegs at a crossroads. Then just let it go and know that the money will come. Do this for nine days. At the end of the nine days, bathe with hyssop and pray the 51st Psalm to remove your sin. Let things rest for three days. Repeat this work in nine-day intervals until you are paid.

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