Concerning the Intranquil Spirit


I got a call from a woman a couple of days ago who wanted to have me burn some candles on her behalf. She was having trouble keeping her man committed. When he was around, he was present in the relationship, but when he wasn’t, he wasn’t. She felt like he had really done her wrong. She still wanted to have a relationship with this man, but not without him first paying for her mistreatment. She wanted to get even and she wanted him back, too. She then asked me about my experience with the Intranquil Spirit candles, at which point, I determined to direct the conversation towards a more positive way of working.

In a nutshell, my experience with the Intranquil Spirit is this — I won’t go there — and frankly, I don’t think anyone else needs to go there either. Now, I’m not trying to be all judge-y, or parental, or think that I know better than because I still sell the products. It’s just that logic and wisdom tell me that relationships are complex enough without going and dragging THE DAMNED into it!

The Damned, you say? Yes, many people don’t realize it, but that is what you are petitioning when you call on the Intranquil Spirit for help; not just one, but many angry, tormented, and evil souls will come to your aid. And they will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, bring your lover back! But then what?

Well, I’ll tell ‘ya. There will be a joyful reunion, but eventually and rather quickly, your lover will go off again. Then you will be back moaning, and weeping, and petitioning. This will go on for two to six months, back and forth.  The offerings get more elaborate, and the reunions get shorter, and then pretty soon they really aren’t that enjoyable anymore. Then you start to notice that your lover is not the only one who is miserable. You walk around sad and depressed. You have no energy. You’re feeling ill all of the time. Your grooming is slipping. You isolate yourself from the world. You can’t sleep. You fly off the handle without provocation. You start hearing things. You then begin to wonder if you are losing your mind!

Queue the Truth Bomb: you do not call out ugliness like that without having it rub off on you — or worse — becoming attached to you. Still, one might say, “Oh, but I am told that if you have the right protections in place it’s not that bad.” Okay?! Do you really want to find out what “not that bad” can be? ‘Cause that seems like it could be awfully subjective and…wildly inaccurate.

Look, nobody is worth all of that. I say, ‘Love yourself more than that.’  And speaking of love; love the person you “love” (read as: the person you are obsessed with) more than that, as well.

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