The Gentle Art of Blessing


In my humble opinion, there are two things that everyone can and should practice — gratitude and blessing. Many people these days are aware of how powerful gratitude can be. However, I don’t think those same people, let alone everyone else, have even begun to consider how dynamic giving blessings can be.

Now, when I first considered the act of giving a blessing, I thought, ‘Okay, well, who the hell am I? Don’t you have to be ordained or something to bless someone?’ The answer is, “no.” For instance, when you wish someone a “happy birthday” or “good luck” you are essentially blessing them.

So, let me suggest this to you: give the practice of blessing more play than just “happy birthday” and “good luck.” Also, when doing so, make the blessing more personal and thoughtful, both for yourself and the person to whom you give it. I mean, really dig down deep in your core, crack open that hard candy shell, and let a flower emerge. ?

Once a blessing is formulated, obviously, you can just say it out loud — very effective. However, I find it is even more fun to do it silently. Just feel it and let it float over to the receiver. Do this even when, or especially when, that person is irritating you. Trust me when I say that the results are miraculous.

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