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I am frequently asked what the key is to my financial success. Well, the first thing I always say is, ‘Whatever you do, do it consistently.’ The next thing I always say is, ‘Take the small stuff and build on it.’ The last thing I always say is, ‘Donate.’ While my replies are meant to allow room for personal interpretation, invariably, I will be asked for more details. So here, for the first time ever, is my Five-Point Plan to Prosperity ™. ?

First, I suggest working with a money and/or luck-oriented deity or saint of your choosing. The goddess Fortuna is who I prefer. She’s not a part of hoodoo, and I typically do not like to mix hoodoo with anything else, but she and I go way back. (Alternately, the fat and happy Buddha Hotai is another good money deity, or if drawn to her, Oshun is another wealth goddess.) So, setup a little altar with Fortuna’s picture on it, get a little cordial glass, and offer her a weekly libation of red wine. (I use Real Sangria because it is sweet.) She doesn’t seem to favor a day of the week, just be consistent on the offerings. Also, offer her prayers of thanks for your good fortune and ask that she help you as you continue to work towards your goals; be explicit with what those goals are.

Once you have the prosperity deity you are going to work with setup on the altar, fill the rest of the space on the altar with things that literally and figuratively represent money to you. That could be anything from green candles, to dollar sign figurines, to actually money, to beans and green rice, to little sports cars and diamond-shaped crystals or plastic gold ingots. Just whatever speaks “money” to you.

In addition, get yourself a little bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey, drink a little out of the bottle, and then put a stick of cinnamon, a vanilla bean, and seven allspice berries in the bottle. Speak to each item as you put it in the bottle and ask it for assistance with bringing in money and being financially successful. Place the “doctored” whiskey on the altar with Fortuna. You will want it close by for the next part.

Obtain a lodestone or a large magnet – the bigger, the better. Spiritually cleanse it with Florida Water or whiskey to wake it up. Find a sizable dish and make in it a bed of alkanet, alfalfa, and blue flag root. Put the lodestone/magnet in the dish and give it a name (like what you would name a hunting dog). Place it on the altar as well. Each day, when you get home, put any loose coins in the dish. Take out your folding money and do the following:

  • Write RTM on the front of the bill (for Return To Me). You can also place sigils on it, but I don’t usually bother
  • Write your name below that of the Treasurer
  • Dress the bill on the front and back with the doctored whiskey in a five-spot pattern (a dot in the middle and a dot in each corner)
  • Hold all of the bills together and pray the 23rd Psalm over them
  • Place the bills under the lodestone/magnet
  • Put a dab of the whiskey on the lodestone/magnet. When you do, say something like, “Thank you, Duke, for the strong flow of money into this house; keep up the good work!”
  • Let the money sit under the lodestone/magnet overnight. Pick the bills up and take them with you the next day. When you spend them say, “Return to me and bring some friends.” If you currently don’t use paper money, start using it again. (It is said that you should only spend the money on necessities, but I don’t keep to that belief.)
  • You do not have to dress the money again if it stays in your wallet more than one day, but continue to place it under your lodestone/magnet each night and pick it up again in the morning
  • If you happen to find any money on the street, pick it up and place it in the dish with the lodestone/magnet and don’t spend it

Last point of the Five-Point Plan to Prosperity ™ – donate. Yes, give at least 10% of what you make to a worthy charity of your choice. Do it consistently, for example, setup an autopay to the ASPCA or Habitat for Humanity, once a month. This sharing of your good fortune does a number of things. It demonstrates to the Universe that you have faith that more will come. In turn, by having faith, it removes blockages created by having a scarcity mentality about money. Lastly, it raises your personal vibration (because it feels good to be kind) which, in turn, attracts more positive events and circumstances into your life.

After going through all of the steps above you will have done a number of things:

  • Started a money altar
  • Begun working with a deity/saint that can help influence better circumstances, lucky breaks, and increase abundance
  • Trained a “money magnet” to pull in and help you keep what you make
  • Dressed “hunting money” to go out and look for more money and bring it back
  • Shared your good fortune and by doing so you demonstrated faith, removed money blockages, and created some positive vibes in the world

Miscellaneous Notes:

You can choose to dress your bills and lodestone/magnet with money-drawing oil/powder, Hoyt’s Cologne, magnetic sand, or whatever else you like, I just prefer my doctored whiskey. Also, there’s all kinds of money workings out there, and even other ways to do this type of setup, this is just what I do. You can continue to add to and change your money altar as you see fit. Mine is pretty elaborate at this point, but it started small. You can also start with a small lodestone/magnet and just keep upgrading by placing the old one on top of the new one.

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