Horse Hair and “Live Things In You”


It is said that if you feed things like horse hair, snake parts, scorpions, insects, frog spawn, and the like to a target, it will cause the condition known as “live things in you.” Essentially, this trick is meant to cause snakes and worms and other nastiness to make the target’s body a home. So, if you’re into food fiddlin’, this is one of the foulest tricks out there. On a more scientific note, I often wonder if the idea that horse hair caused the “live things in you” condition came about when the life cycle of the horsehair worm was first discovered. Maybe it was merely just a coincidence? Maybe some targets were actually being fed horsehair worms, perhaps just as themselves or in the bodies of insects? You be the judge.

Warning: Link is NSFMind/NSFW, so click at your own peril!

Wired Article On Horsehair Worm — GROSS!    

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