Colored Candles


Okay, the other day on the FB, someone was complaining because their separation work wasn’t doing the trick. A poster then went in on the person saying it wasn’t working because they were not using the right materials. While I see, all of the time, people not using the correct herbs and roots, this person’s issue was the color of candle. It wasn’t black!  Well, what this poster had not considered, apparently, is that candle magic has been around way longer than there have been colored candles. In fact, it wasn’t until Henri Gamache came along in 1942 with his “The Master Book of Candle-Burning” did it become a thing to use color symbolism in candles. Used to be, candles were made out of tallow or beeswax or some other, more neutral-colored, substance with the majority of candles being white. So, if you do not have the color you want, know that a white candle will be a perfectly viable stand-in for any other color, even black.

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