What Does the “Layering” of Protection Look Like?


The question was simple: “What does it mean to perform protection in layers?”

“Layering” means have several works of protection going at once. Let me use myself as an example: I work with my Ancestors and ask for their protection. I have railroad spikes at the corners of my property, a protection bottle at the front step, mirrors on the windows, a St. Michael statue on one side of the door and a Papa Legba altar behind the door. I work with them for protection as well. I smudge and spiritually clean monthly and dress the mirrors. I spiritually bathe weekly. Whenever I feel the energy is off, I do a candle ritual or egg limpia to take it off. I wear protection amulets and tourmalinated quartz. I cover my head in places such as flea markets, thrift stores, and graveyards. I dress myself with protection oil on my body and on the soles of my feet and protection powder in my shoes. I dress my yard and car as well. I read the 91st Psalm daily. I spritz my work area with Florida water. Mind you, I am only mentioning some of the stuff. Protection is a constant and multi-faceted function. Back up your protection work with other works of protection. If something gets through, you have something or someone to back that up.”

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