Community Bullshit


Ya’ know, I see a lot of bullshit floating around these days. Up until my late foray into the world of Facebook, I had no idea just how much. My interactions, to that point, had been with people who A) clearly knew their shit, and B) even if they were motivated, to a certain extent, by money and to a lesser extent, fame, those were not their primary motivations. Well, Christ on a crouton, has it been an eye-opener!

Part of that bullshit I’ve seen is the tendency to just pull stuff out of one’s ass without having any historical basis or reference. Another is just doing whatever the hell one wants without applying logic, practicality, or God forbid, tradition. Lastly, there’s a lot of money-grubbing.

There’s a well-known practitioner whose missives always, always, always have some misinformation. Like they have just gone along and piecemeal-ed their entire body of knowledge, and then whatever they think fits, they just throw it in there. All of their little acolytes come along and just take it as the Word of God, and then pass it around to everyone they know. So, then you have a bunch of people who have a bit of accurate knowledge and a bunch of filler, and are none the wiser, but are TOTALLY convinced they know it ALL!

Then there’s the “This Is How I Do It, Don’t Question Me On It” group. They do their own thing without ever being introspective enough to ask if maybe things could be improved upon or maybe they are just wrong? If maybe that person who has decades on their snotty nose might know what’s what. No, not a chance!

Case in point, “Hey, you shouldn’t be flushing all of that stuff down your toilet; it’s going to cause plumbing problems (never mind that the intent is entirely wrong).” Well, that’s just the way I do it.” “Okay, well, have you ever had to pay a plumber? Clearly, not.”

The there’s the money-grubbers. They come in all shapes, sizes, and stripes. “You have a problem; I’ll fix that for you!” Always standing by with a “PM me!” Ready to strike at the weak, misinformed, confused, or  low self-esteemed. Like anything else, if they are coming to you for information or to “help” you for a price, assume they are not legit.

It’s all really disheartening, and while I still want to continue learning and also pass on that which I know, the rewards are getting to be too far in between to make the effort worthwhile. There are only so many egotistical little dicks that I want to wade through to get to the information I want or to provide the information that could help someone.

Friends have have said, “Well, why don’t you write a book?” Yeah, that would seem like part of the solution. I mean, I am writing here, now, without getting paid. Well, the dirty secret is that there are many electronic copies of well-known practitioner’s books floating around out there. Who wants to give birth to something just for somebody to screw you out of the financial rewards of that creation? Yet another form of disrespect to teacher’s time and effort, among other things. Just more clamoring for the knowledge without bothering to do the work and without paying the proper respects to those who provided it.

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