YouTube Is Like A Box of Chocolates


I was looking around for some older rock and I came across Krokus. Cool enough, right?! But then I see they have released an album within the last couple of years, oddly named “Hoodoo.”  I have looked around to see if I could determine the “why” for this particular choice of names, however, I could find no obvious or stated reason. The album title ties in with the title of one of the tracks, which makes me wonder, how did hoodoo even become part of the album/song conversation? As y’all  fellow hoodoosants know, the conjure is popular as of late; did someone in marketing just suggest it? I was hoping to confirm that the band had at least some tangible familiarity with the subject matter, ’cause that would be legit. Oh well, having all the answers is often overrated. Let’s just press on then, shall we? Here now, for your listening and viewing pleasure, we welcome to the Love+Peace+Chicken Feet stage, Krokus!

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