The Care & Feeding of a Mojo Bag


Please note that the care and feeding of a gris-gris is the same as that for a mojo.

Once you have your very own mojo bag, you need to establish a bond with it by “working” it.  The best way to work a mojo bag is to think of it as a living thing.  You should talk to it and tend it as if it is a beloved little friend.


  • Keep your mojo a secret.
  • Keep your mojo in a place of honor when it is not being carried in your pocket, purse, or bra, or hanging on your neck or from your waist.
  • Name your mojo.
  • Call your mojo by name and speak to it on a daily basis. Talk to it in loving and encouraging tones.  Talk to it about what you would like to accomplish and thank it for helping you.
  • “Feed” it once a week with an appropriate dressing oil or with some other traditional “food,” e.g. whiskey, Florida Water, Hoyt’s Cologne, incense or tobacco smoke, or your own body fluids (urine, semen, vaginal fluids, or blood). Feeding should take place on a day of the week that is appropriate to what the mojo is for, e.g. Sunday for protection or Crown of Success, Thursday for gambling luck, or Friday for love or money-drawing.  Likewise, the “food” offered should be in keeping with the intention of the mojo – whiskey, Hoyt’s Cologne, or urine for gambling luck and semen or vaginal fluids for sex and love-drawing are but a few examples. **Place a dot of oil or fluid in each corner of the bag and then a dot in the middle to feed it. Alternately, the mojo may be fed by passing it through incense or tobacco smoke.
  • A tip In regards to travel, kindly provided by Paul Ruai: carrying oils when traveling can be difficult, especially when dealing with the TSA. However, on any airplane or in any airport bar, one can get rum and cigarettes are available in any city of destination. Thank you, Paul, for that reminder that, even when traveling, a resourceful practitioner can get by.


  • Let anyone see or touch your mojo.
  • Let your mojo get wet or become heavily soiled.
  • Disrespect your mojo by playing with it like it is a toy, dropping it on the ground, or forgetting to pay attention to it.
  • Take it apart.

If someone else sees your mojo, remove it immediately from his or her sight, and then keep it next to your skin at all times for the next seven days – feeding and talking to it each day – to reinforce its bond to you and to keep it working strong.

Be warned that the life force of your mojo goes “dead” and it stops working if someone else touches it or it gets wet (e.g. it gets thrown in a pool or sent through the washer). You will need to have a new one made in the event that either of these things happen.

One can work a mojo well for about a year and then they need to be “recharged.” Your local hoodoo would be more than happy to handle that for you, for a small fee.

**Note: This arrangement of five dots is referred to as a “five-spot”; it comes up frequently in rootwork/hoodoo as it is believed to symbolize and invoke the power of the crossroads.

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