To Remove Unwanted “Passengers”


As it seems is sometimes the case, I will come away from a meeting or being in public somewhere and I will start to feel ill and drained for no reason. It will feel as though I have picked up something or someone in the process of being out and about. Obviously, the way to avoid such an issue is to have proper protection in place from the get-go. But sometimes I forget, or am not operating on all cylinders that day, or am just not being mindful about what I am doing. In this case, I have found it helpful to drive over a body of water and to recite the 23rd Psalm while doing so. (It is said that spirits cannot cross water.) Alternately, if I am in a rather deserted area, and have the feeling that I may have picked-up a “passenger,” I will do three circles with my car in the middle of a crossroads. I don’t know exactly why it works, I just know that it does. Perhaps they get confused and can’t follow, or perhaps it is because these “gateways” allow them to get where they need or want to go. Whatever the case, it is quick, easy, and effective — even if it is a little odd.

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