There Are Masters and Then There’s Everyone Else


When I was a kid, a friend of the family who knew I loved plants gave me a Kalanchoe. It was the neatest thing to me because I had never seen anything like it. She explained that each one of the babies, along each one of the leaves, would drop off and a whole new plant would sprout from it. To 8-year-old, plant-lovin’ me this was nothing short of miraculous.

Time went on and I took really good care of this plant. So much so that its roots started to come out of the bottom of the container; it needed to be re-potted. I found the oddest thing when I went to transplant it. There was a big red onion in the bottom of the container, and in the middle of the onion was a piece of brown paper sack with my step-father’s and my mother’s names on it. I showed it to my Mom, and she just gave me one of her “I’m gonna mow somebody’s ass” looks, but wouldn’t tell me what it was about.

What it was about is no longer a mystery to me, as I am now well-versed in such doings. But I have to say, that was a pretty cool move using a plant that was self-propagating and using that plant in particular. The plant babies would carry on the work and their falling from the plant in their way would mimic the falling of tears. It’s the little things like that which set the masters apart from all of the others.

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