It’s Hot! It’s Damn Hot!


The Southwest has its own kind of beauty and its own kind of conveniences. Something we have an abundance of here is heat. I like to use this and our other natural resources in my workings whenever the opportunity presents itself, like in this next one.

On a Tuesday, take nine coffin nails and add them to at least 20 ounces of rainwater collected during a lightning storm. Set aside and wait for the water to turn rusty.

On a Saturday, place a bay leaf in each corner of your work area. Take a clear glass bottle with a cap, remove the cap, and add the following:

  • Nine Black Peppercorns
  • A Pinch of Agrimony
  • A Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • A Pinch of Sulfur
  • A Pinch of Graveyard Dirt
  • A Big Wad of Spanish Moss
  • A petition for “Enemies Known and Unknown” covered nine times with the words “Your work is removed from me and returned to you forever.”

Cover this bottled assemblage with the coffin nail water, stopping just before the top. Speak into the bottle your desire that all negative works sent at you will be removed from you completely and returned to the sender with the force of a mighty explosion. Screw on the cap tightly and shake it up. Obtain a medium-sized corrugated box and a large square of aluminum foil. Place the four bay leaves in each corner of the box. Place the foil in the box (shiny side up) and the bottle in the middle of the foil. Place the box in an area of your yard where the sunlight will hit the bottle directly. Then, all you do is wait.* Eventually, the heat, the water, and the Spanish Moss will cause the bottle to explode, removing the negativity for good and returning it to sender.** Once it does, dispose of the box away from your home and do not look back.

*At this point, you may want to bathe with hyssop and recite the 51st Psalm to take away your sin, or you may want to do it after you dispose of the box, or both.

**Also, you don’t necessarily need the hot sun to make the bottle explode. It will do it on its own sitting on the shelf. I just like to aggravate the situation with the sun’s heat. It’s there, might as well use it!

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