The Tornado In A Jar Trick


This reversing trick creates trouble for the target that is the result of his or her own actions. It is simple, cheap, and effective — classic hoodoo.

You will need:

  • One wooden matchstick for each target
  • One 8 oz. Mason jar
  • One pinch of graveyard dirt
  • One pinch of red pepper
  • One pinch of agrimony
  • Four ounces of white vinegar
  • Water collected during a storm; the more thunder and lightning the better! You will need enough storm water to almost finish filling the jar after all of the other ingredients have been added. Leave about an inch of the jar unfilled.

Place the graveyard dirt, red pepper, acrimony, and white vinegar in the Mason jar.

Take each match and “baptize” it by making the sign of the cross over it three times and saying, “In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, you are now _____, where _____ is the target’s full name.

Take each match, light it, and drop it into the jar while saying, “If it be your will, Lord, may his/her wrongdoing be his/her undoing; may it rip through his/her life like a tornado.”

Place the lid on the jar and then aggressively swirl the jar around in a counter-clockwise motion until a little vortex is created. This is the “tornado in a jar.” Do this every night until the target is sufficiently undone and gets a taste of his or her own medicine.

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