Apples In Love Lore


Apples have been a fruit of special significance since the times of Adam and Eve.  Sure, there was the whole bit with the serpent and the Tree of Knowledge and whatnot, but as much as it is associated with things forbidden, the apple is also associated with love. Below are five ways the apple may be used to divine one’s future love – true or otherwise.

Halloween tradition tells us that if you eat an apple while looking into a mirror at midnight, then the face of one’s future marriage partner will appear. As the saying goes, “On Halloween look in the glass, your future husband’s face will pass.” (Just don’t follow that up with repeating “Bloody Mary” three times as that could put a damper on things.)

As a teenage girl, I would twist the stem of an apple while reciting the alphabet. Folklore says that whatever letter one is on when the stem comes off is the first letter of your true love’s name. Even though I did not particularly like the letter that kept coming up, as I could not think of a name with that letter that I thought was sexy, that one sure enough came true, if only decades later.

If one can actually manage to peel a whole apple in one continuous strip, then toss it over your right shoulder (for Mr. or Miss Right), how the peel lands should create a letter – the first letter of your true love’s name. The assumption is that the letter formed will be from one’s own alphabet, but my results always appeared to be in Greek.

Throw two apple seeds into a roaring fire if you want to know if you and a potential partner are a good match,  If only one pops out, or they both pop out in opposite directions, then it is not meant to be. However, if both seeds pop out in the same direction, then it is a good match and a marriage is likely.

Lastly, if you happen to be one of those poor dears that have the misfortune of picking between two suitors, then apple seeds can offer you the needed answer. Simply name a seed for each would-be partner, wet them with your saliva, and then place them on your closed eyelids. Whichever seed falls off last will be the one with which you will enjoy the most happiness.

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