Piggybacking Work


The gist of this article is to get you thinking about how you can use something that is already happening, or may happen with very little effort on your part, to help advance your own magical agenda.

There is a phrase that I say whenever I go to buy lottery tickets. It’s my lucky phrase. I have set an intention for that phrase that whenever it is spoken by anyone, it increases my good luck. Now, it is common enough that it does get said plenty without me broadcasting it, but it is not so common that all specialness is removed from it (that’s important). Just the same, everyday somebody will say my phrase, and it will add to my good luck, and I have done nothing more than set an intention.

Another way I piggyback my work is to get help from willing participants. In the past, I have asked friends to pick out their least favorite plate (everybody has one) and smash it at a particular moment to add power to a work I am performing. In this way, my intention was piggybacked onto the force and energy that was released when the plates were smashed. It was very effective and even fun!

Lastly, sometimes I come across a dollar bill that has already been trained as “hunting money” (usually obvious by the markings on it).  I go ahead and add my own symbolism to that dollar bill, thus magically appending my intention to that work that someone else has already performed. I then go ahead and spend that dollar on something I need, and in that way, I take advantage of the momentum of a work that is already in progress.

On a daily basis, there are billions of things happening in the world that we put no effort towards, but have power that we can harness and put to work on our behalf.  True, we call it “spiritual work” and not “spiritual play” for a reason.  However, there is nothing wrong with working smarter, either.

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