Azealia Banks and Her Closet Video


Like many people, I don’t like the idea of animal sacrifice for religious purposes, but it happens. You don’t have to agree with it, support it, or participate in it. However, if you love your steak like I do, making a big deal out of ritualistic chicken killing is kinda hypocritical. Especially considering that the animals used in religious rites of sacrifice are typically treated more humanely and with greater respect than the animals that are unceremoniously slaughtered for human consumption and then end up on your plate.

I love animals, but in addition, tolerance and respect for other’s religious beliefs is also a biggie for me. My issue with Ms. Banks’ video is not that she is a devotee of a particular religious practice and that practice includes the ritualistic killing of animals, but that she chose to sensationalize the killing and her religions beliefs by posting it. In my eyes, by posting the video, she was disrespecting both.

Here’s another take on it. (Ignore the ridiculously large AHS: Coven photo; the article continues below it.)

Let’s Talk About Azealia Banks and the Chicken Sacrifice

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