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You may or may not. But that’s the nature of blogging — you put it out into the ether and maybe someone else digs it too. That’s the hope, at least, and speaking of hope, it springs eternal within the walls of your local botanica.

This first article appeared in the Dallas Observer. I grew up reading the Observer.  It’s like the New Times that we have here in Phoenix. It’s where I first discovered the writings of John Bloom, AKA “Joe Bob Briggs.” Also, I’ve gotta say, from the point of view of THIS observer, their website scroll is obnoxious, but I digress. Also, for the unfamiliar, it should be noted that Oak Cliff, AKA “The Cliff,” is the poorest borough in Dallas.

Oak Cliff’s Chango Botanica


The second one is from the site. Talks about the famous Original Products Botanica in the Bronx, New York.

Shopping for Miracles in the Bronx


The third one is from the Feet In 2 Worlds Project site. Looks like this site may warrant a more thorough investigation as it is geared towards immigrants and appears to have many interesting articles. The great shot that accompanies this article and that I have used part of for this post is attributed to Camila Osorio.

Brokenhearted? Have a Heart Condition? A Botanica May Offer a Cure


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