Working In Miniature


Some things in conjure are stronger, work better, work faster, when they are bigger — High John the Conqueror roots and lodestones come to mind — while a good many things can work just as well, even better, in miniature.

Small things are easy to hide and easy to carry. This makes them convenient to use for enemy work and works that will go with you while traveling or works that can be carried on your person.

Mojo bags, gris-gris, and other talismans and amulets are examples of small works that are carried on the person. Medicine bottle spells are both small and inconspicuous when stowed away in a purse or desk drawer. A half-empty bottle of conjure oil with a petition stuffed into it can easily be palmed and worked with at a moment’s notice, without drawing much, if any, attention. Even a miniature mirror box with a tiny plastic baby can be worked to full effect and bring big results, especially when its small scale makes it easy to bury in the graveyard or hide it under the target’s porch.

Along the same lines is the idea that a little goes a long way. One need not look like a dusty ghost or an oil slick to get the full beneficial effects of sachet powders and conjure oils. As the old commercial goes, “A little dab will do ya.” Bath crystals, liquid baths, and herbal baths can be diluted quite a bit and still be powerful enough to get the job done. Dilution can also assist one when working with oils and herbs that are more likely to cause a reaction.

Furthermore, when it comes to personal concerns, obtaining enough hair to knit an afghan, while nice to have, is unnecessary. Ultimately, all that is needed is the target’s essence, and what is of our essence more than our actual DNA? Heck, you could clone a small army with the DNA in an eyelash, so again, a little bit of any personal concern, especially one that has DNA, will go a long way.

Having been raised in Texas, I am accustomed to going BIG or going home, but going small can frequently be better.  Just a “little” food for thought…

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