How To Work with Conjure Oils


Conjure oils have a variety of uses and a variety of names. They may be referred to, generally speaking, as “conjure,” “dressing,” “ritual” or “spell” oils. However, sometimes an additional  distinction is made, where some oils may be referred to as “anointing” oils and others as “dressing” oils.

When so designated, anointing oils are understood to be safe for use on the skin and dressing oils are more meant to be used on objects. This is not to say that a couple of drops of a dressing oil cannot be placed on your palm to be transferred to your target when shaking hands. It just means that the ingredients in the dressing oils are harsher and, therefore, more likely to cause a reaction should they come in contact with the skin.

As a rule, when using conjure oils, you dress up your body and towards you to bring things to you, and down your body or away from you, to remove conditions or send things away. For example, for oils associated with love or money, start at the soles of the feet and work upward, to the top of your head (to bring love and money to you). However, for something like Uncrossing Oil, you would start at your head and work your way down to the bottom of your feet (to take the crossed-conditions off of you). Mind you, only a few drops, over the whole of your body, is really all that is needed to achieve the desired results.

In addition, it is common to dress the area of the body where the affect of the oil is most needed.

Oils meant to encourage creativity, communication, or dexterity, would be applied to the head, throat, and hands, respectively.

Oils that are associated with the head or that affect mentation are applied to the crown of the head and third eye, for example, Crown of Success or King Solomon Wisdom.

Blessed Healing and Miraculous Healing oils are usually applied to the affected body part and the indentation and round where the back of the head and the neck meet. (Spiritually speaking, this the most vulnerable part of the body.)

Sexually-oriented oils like Follow Me Boy, Follow Me Girl, and Come To Me may be applied directly to the genitals, in a drawing fashion. For example, apply a couple of drops of oil to the head of the penis (avoiding the hole) and then stroke down to the pubic area. Alternately, with fingertips, anoint the vulva from the taint to the clitoris.

Oils meant to be helpful in gambling luck, for example, New Orleans Red Fast Luck or Three Jacks and a King, are usually applied to the hands, dice, or slot machine before gaming.

Besides dressing your hands, you can, as previously mentioned, also dress your feet. Try making a cross with Fear Not Walk Over Evil or Evil Eye Protection Oil on the soles of your feet or the bottoms of your shoes before heading out for the day.

Speaking of protection, use Safe Travel or Van Van to dress the tires of your car, the steering wheel, the door handles, or the rear-view mirror.

Use Fiery Wall of Protection, Law Keep Away, or Banishing Oil on the windows and door frames of your house to help keep out thieves and other undesirable people and entities.

Dress your folding money, wallet, and safe with Rich Bitch or Mean Green Money Drawing Oil to keep money with you and to attract more.

Dress your lottery tickets and bingo cards with Black Cat Oil before playing.

Dress items you know targets will come in contact with and you can be working you magic in the office without much effort at all!  Dress your boss’ mouse or office door knob with Boss Fix Oil and your office nemesis’ with Bend Over Oil.

Use conjure oils to dress candles, ritual tools, roots, and petition papers. Use them on mojo bags or on other talismans/amulets and jewelry. Try them as an addition to mop or bath water. Put a little in your shampoo or hand lotion. Dab some on your mailbox, desk phone, or a pet’s collar.

Obviously, there’s really no end to the ways conjure oils can be used, so don’t limit yourself! Just be careful not to use them on anything that they will noticeably stain. For example, instead of dressing your resume with Crown of Success Oil, use Crown of Success Sachet Powder, instead. (The last thing you want to do is hand someone a resume with oily spots on it!)

A Little Dab Will Do Ya — Easy Patch Testing

I always recommend that you do a patch test before using any conjure oils next to your skin. Apply a small amount of the conjure oil in question to the inside of your wrist or elbow and leave it, uncovered and unwashed, for 24 hours. If no sign of itching, redness, or swelling occurs after the 24-hour period, it should be safe for you to use the oil. However, if a reaction does develop, discontinue the use of the oil and seek the advice of a physician.

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