How to Work with Color


Color symbolism has been around for millennia. From the Tyrian purple robes of ancient royalty to the cerulean blue of nazar amulets, we have always associated colors with the way they make us feel and the qualities they seem to portray. Involving color in spiritual practice is just a natural extension of what we are already doing in other parts of our lives. In spiritual practice, color is a visual and emotional shortcut that links us to what we want — love that is strong and warm like the red blood in our veins, health that is vibrant like the greenest shoots of spring, and peace like the calmest blue water. The symbolism of color may be added at any point during your workings to energize and magnify their power.

COLOR ASSOCIATIONS — Colors have energetic associations that can be drawn on when working for a particular outcome. One of the easiest ways to involve color in your work is to choose candles that are energetically aligned to your purpose. The following tables list the most often utilized colors and their magical associations.

Black / Grey Use black when working on crossing, repulsion, reversing, releasing, endings, protection, uncrossing, confusion, discord, revenge, and waning/dark moon magic.
Blue Use blue when working on spiritual blessings, truth, inspiration, peace, comfort, healing, dealings with police officers (the “men in blue”), tranquility, and compassion.
Brown Use brown when working on court cases, neutrality, stability, the physical world, finding lost objects, hearth & home, and grounding.
Green Use green when working on general good luck, money drawing, good business, employment, gambling luck, health, fertility, and youth.
Orange Use orange when working on attraction, optimism, movement, luck change, clarity, stimulation, vitality, opening up, speed, unblocking, and compelling.
Pink Use pink when working on romance, true love, emotional love, affection, spiritual healing, reconciliation, friendship, enticement, morality, and fidelity to a person or path.
Purple Use purple when working on power, mastery, intuition, domination, breaking bad luck, uncrossing, occult wisdom, honor, spirituality, and career progress.
Red Use red when working on lust, courage, sexual love, potency, intensity, attachment, vitality, strength, aggression, war, will power, and eliminating procrastination.
White Use white when working on devotion, spirituality, peace, healing, innocence, spiritual blessings, protection, uncrossing, purity, purification, and waxing/full moon magic.
Yellow Use yellow when working on victory, attraction, wishes, success, ambition, clearing, persuasion, confidence, wisdom, creativity, intellect, and clairvoyance.

THE DAYS OF THE WEEK — Each day of the week has a planetary association that makes that day better for particular types of works. Utilize the day’s influence to make your works more powerful.

Sunday Sun Yellow, Gold, Red, Orange Leadership, crown of success, money drawing, court case, personal power, mastery, happiness, health, peaceful home, hotfooting, commanding, controlling, compelling, bend over, boss fixing.
Monday Moon White, Silver Peaceful home, fertility, emotional healing, dreaming, balance, female domination, psychic development, divination.
Tuesday Mars Red, Black Action, dominion, commanding, controlling, spiritual warfare, reversing, and uncrossing/crossing.
Wednesday Mercury Purple, Blue Communication, wisdom, mentality, speeding things up, spiritual connections, and creativity.
Thursday Jupiter Green, Blue Orange, Purple Increase, growth, expansion, general good luck, gambling luck, business success, career success, job getting, court case, justice, law keep away, road opening, and money drawing of all kinds.
Friday Venus Green, Pink, Red Love drawing of all kinds, sex, romance, friendships, attraction, youth, beauty, and money drawing as well.
Saturday Saturn Black, White, Orange Road opening, cleansing, banishing, fiery wall of protection, reversing, cut and clear, purification, cast off evil, uncrossing/crossing, setting boundaries.

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