Easy Protection


I have been using the following trick for forever. It is essentially making your house into a large mirror box. I get the small craft mirrors and I cleanse them in a solution of kosher salt, ammonia, and agrimony. After letting them dry, I wipe them for smudges and then glue a printed SATOR square to the back of each. I dot the SATOR square with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. I then take clear packing tape and tape the mirrors, with the mirror facing out, to the inside and middle of each window, door, and vent coming in/out of my house. I will say a short prayer of protection as I place each one, symbolically make a five-spot, and again dot the mirrors with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Throughout the year, whenever I do a spiritual cleansing, I will again touch the back of each one with a dot of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. On each New Year’s Eve, I take the old mirrors down and replace them with new ones as part of my year-end cleansing routine.

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