Cutting and Harvesting Plants


I have many plants in my garden that I use for workings, in my products, and for cooking. I have a little ritual I observe when harvesting.  I will gather the above ground parts of a plant when the moon is waxing to full. Alternately, I will gather the below ground parts when the moon is just after full and waning. If I have several of the same type of plants, I will ask and see if one plant is more willing than the others to offer a cutting. (Here is where a pendulum can be useful.) Once a “donor” is designated, I will kneel next to the plant and ask its permission to take a cutting. I then give it a minute to withdraw its energy before I proceed with the cutting. After I take the cutting, I then offer it a drink of sugar water to help the plant recover and I give it my thanks. The same can be done with plants, like comfrey, which will allow one to harvest some of its roots and then keep growing. I will give plants that have to be harvested whole a few days’ notice before that happens. At that time, I will offer the plant some sugar water and leave a little piece of candy for the fairies who will be impacted by one less plant in the garden. When the day comes, I lovingly dig up the plant, and again offer it my thanks, and promise to employ it in something useful, making its sacrifice meaningful.

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