Sharing Your Business


The only time you “show your work” is in Math class. Also, if somebody is paying you to do work for them, then you show them that for which they are paying. But outside of those instances, you keep what you are doing to yourself. Why? Because they can’t influence it if they don’t know about it. That goes for your finances, romances, goals, and anything else an enemy can use against you, but most especially, your “work.”

Now, I have seen some conjurers let the Target know, beforehand, that they were about to put the fang on ’em. It can give the worker a psychological edge if they make their intentions public. Hell, some targets will whip themselves into hysterics before you’ve even had a chance to get all of your materials together. (Those folks can be a lot of fun!)

However, I have also seen workers be so obnoxious about that show, that it makes me wonder if all of that display isn’t there to just cover up the fact that they don’t have enough power in them to bust a grape. (Thank you, Mr. Ricky, for that wonderful image. I miss our talks.)

These days, everything is on display for the world to consume, and people are really hyped about showing their work. I usually just write it off to youthful enthusiasm. But frankly, I don’t need to look at your beef tongue spell; I’ve done plenty of my own.  And if i see another sad puddle of wax on a pattern glass plate (don’t even get me started), I think I’m gonna retch! And why do you want to share that shit anyway? Are we that desperate for attention?

What I know is: it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Be one of the “quiet ones.” Mind the Four Powers of the Sphinx – to know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent.

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