Break Up Works


This post will be a placeholder for all breakup works that I want to share.

Apple/Orange Traveling Work To Break Up Two Lovers

Take an apple (or an orange) and imagine there is a line down the middle of it. Write one person’s name and birth date on one side and the other person’s name and birth date on the other. Take a knife and slice the apple down the middle, along the imaginary line. Press a piece of each person’s hair into their corresponding side of the apple. Do this by placing the hair under the tip of the knife and making a slit in the flesh of the apple, thus creating the slit and simultaneously pressing the hair into the slit. Take the cut side of each half and dress it with Break Up Conjure Oil. While doing so, say something like, “You cannot stand to share the same air and fight each other morning, noon, and night until you go your separate ways, forever.” Take one half of the apple and shove three pennies into the flesh of it (as an offering). Drive the half across town and leave it at a crossroads. Take the other half and do the same, but in the opposite direction. When you leave the half at the crossroads, say “Parted you are and parted you stay, from this day forward.” (Ensure that the half of the person who lives the most east is taken to the far east of town, and the person’s who lives the most west is taken to the far west of town.) Lastly, at a crossroads located in between their two houses, throw an additional three pennies into the middle of the crossroads and say, “Spirit of the Crossroads, close the road between these two people, [insert names and birth dates], and send them off in opposite directions, never to return to each other’s lives. Thank you.”

A Smashing Success

Take a China plate and write Mr Husband & Mrs Wife on it, replacing these placeholders with the names of the couple you would like to break up. Smoke the plate with Break Up Incense and then smash it with a hammer. Place the pieces in a brown paper bag, along with cayenne pepper, black pepper, and devil’s dung, and then bury the bag in their backyard or in the alleyway next to their house.

Fight Like A Cat and Dog

This next work is an oldie but a goodie. Take the hair of a dog and the hair of a cat (traditionally, the hair would be black and the sexes of each person would be represented by the sexes of the animals). Place them in a jar of vinegar, tobacco sauce, and thumb tacks along with the personal concerns of each person. Shake the jar daily, call their names, and command them to fight “like cats and dogs” until they split up up for good.

Tower Card Ash

Print out a picture of The Tower Card from the Tarot. Write the names of the two people on the card and burn it to ash. Mix the ash with a small bit of Goofer Dust and sprinkle the mixture in an inconspicuous place within their home. Renew as needed.

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