Blood, Sweat, and Tears


Bloodletting At Its Best

“I don’t do blood magic!” I cannot count how many times I have suggested to someone that they use a little bit of their blood on a candle, packet, or in some other work, and they have looked at me like I’m some depraved vampire. Well, hell yes, use your blood! It’s the essence of life! It contains enormous power as it connects you to life in the present and your ancestors in the past. Use your blood in works for health, success, and mastery. Use your menstrual blood in works for fertility, sexuality, and protecting your offspring.

**NOTE: Since I originally published this article there has been some more nay saying about this practice. The crux of it appears to be that some feel that it is using your blood to feed a spirit. Well, in the context and with the intent that I suggest using it, there are no spirits involved. The blood is merely used to create a link between you and the work. I have been practicing now for decades and have not had an issue. Now, either I have some hella powerful ancestors that keep me safe, or I just might know what I am doing. Just sayin’. Anyways, you do you.

Work Up A Sweat

Use your sweat in works to gain or keep employment and in works that require persistence, fortitude, and stamina. For instance, in the sweetening jar that you have made for your current or future employer, place some sweat of your brow. While doing so say something like, “I work both smart¬†and hard for you; you have no more valuable employee than I.” Alternately, that mojo bag you made to help with your weight loss and workout goals will only grow stronger when fed with your actual sweat.

A River of Tears

I usually use tears on petitions for things I really, really want; for example if I want a loved one to be safe or recover from a serious illness or addiction. I have also used tears in works for justice, revenge, reconciliation, and cut and clear and break-up works. Tears in your bath water can wash away sin (when shed while expressing your deep contrition) and situations that have caused you grief. Don’t forget, tears naturally contain salt and your DNA; that’s a power combination.

“The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.” — Psalm 34:17

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