Thrift Shops, Occult Stores, and the Like


I haunt my local Goodwill like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I am always popping in and dropping something off and nine times out of ten, I am bringing something back with me, too. I have found a big chunk of my working tools at thrift shops, garage sales, and antique marts, as well as just plain cool stuff that I never imagined existed. In addition, I am always making a stop at every occult store and crystal shop that I run across. While I am pretty sensitive to the vibes of people, places, and things, I have still made the mistake of bringing home the odd “bad juju” item. I always wear my spiritual armor, so to speak, but I still have to be careful and so should you.

One particular instance I can remember was when I happened across a botanica that was closing. There was this huge Saint Michael statue that I just became totally enamored with — I just could not stop gazing at it. ‘It must be mine!’ thought I. The statue was purchased and gleefully I sped home with my wonderful find. Not thinking that anything negative could come from a Saint Michael statue, I didn’t bother to spiritually clean it, and just placed it right on my altar without a second thought. About a week goes by and I am sensing a “disturbance in the Force.” My cats are acting strangely, my husband and I are bickering, I am hearing odd noises, and getting the occasional whiff of something nasty. Eventually, I focused in on the statue and performed the cleansing that should have taken place when I had first brought it home (as well as now having to clean the rest of the house). Quite a bit of work later, I have a really nice statue, but I could have saved myself some trouble if I had just been more mindful of the dangers of “pickin’ up strangers.”

(Queue that old Johnny Lee song. You know, the one from “Urban Cowboy.” Look it up, I’ll wait here.)

The following are some suggestions that I have found useful when out and about, trolling for that next great purchase or selling and donating.

  • First, make sure you wear a hat or similarly cover your head. Covering your head protects you from spiritual attachment and psychic attack, as it is said that the head is where the spirit enters the body. It is also the location of your Crown chakra, one of the two most spiritually vulnerable areas. (The top of your head and the back of your head, where the spinal cord connects, are the two most spiritually vulnerable parts of your body.)
  • Bring along something that can “take the hit.” Take a raw egg and place it in your bra or pocket. Give it instructions that it should absorb anything negative with which you come in contact. Then, when you leave the store, run the egg over your body and toss it out at a crossroads before arriving back home.
  • Be sure to spiritually cleanse whatever you purchase before bringing it into your house or even before placing it in your car. A spray bottle with an ammonia solution, Florida water, or holy water, or some smudging sage will help keep the bad stuff out. You can also bury an item in the earth or salt or leave it in the sunlight for a couple of days.
  • Don’t forget your feet and hands — hit them with that spray bottle as well. Many occult store owners will dress the floors, doors, products, and money in their shops. Some will even go so far as to enchant items to get them to sell (which is what I believe might have happened with the Saint Michael statue). You never know what you might step in or handle that has been magically or energetically influenced.
  • Similarly, I think one should not only be on guard concerning the machinations of store owners, but also the store’s clientele. Take particular care to avoid any attempts by others to touch you or otherwise make contact with your person.
  • Lastly, spiritually clean your stuff before dropping it off or selling it in a garage sale or on eBay. (I especially make sure I do this with clothing.) Cleansing ensures you are no longer attached to it, so it cannot be used to affect you and it cannot affect anyone else.

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