Think of Me, Baby Shaker Bottle


I am really on a shaker jag of late. Well, if anything, it just demonstrates how versatile this particular type of work is. This shaker uses a plastic medicine/pharmacy bottle like that in which pills are contained. The old fashioned medicine bottles were made out of glass and are now hard to find, however, for this bottle, plastic works great.

Think of Me, Baby! Shaker Bottle

Use this bottle to stay on someone’s mind and to draw him or her closer to you for love, romance, or sex.

First, create a mixture out of the powdered sugar and herbal components listed below. Pray over each of the ingredients as you add them to the mixture. Praying over each allows you to connect with its spirit and communicates clearly what your intent for each ingredient is.

  • (1) Pinch of Powdered Sugar
  • (1) Pinch of Powdered Licorice Root
  • (1) Pinch of Powdered Lovage
  • (1) Pinch of Powdered Anise
  • (1) Pinch of Powered Damiana
  • (1) Pinch of Powdered Cinnamon

Place the powered mixture in a bowl and set it aside for later.

Take a shelled walnut half (they look like little brains) and baptize it with holy water.  Say something like, “You are the mind of X (X being the person’s name) and you, the mind of X, will think lovingly and kindly of me always.” Alternately, you could say something like “You are the mind of X (X being the person’s name) and you, the mind of X, can think only of me, waking or dreaming, until our sexual desires for each other are fulfilled.”

Place a couple of drops of honey on the baptized walnut half. Rub the honey all over the walnut, getting into the wrinkles. Then drop the walnut into the powdered mixture and coat it.

Take an empty medicine bottle and to it add:

  • A Small Personal Concern from Them
  • A Small Personal Concern from You
  • The Coated Walnut
  • A Pinch of the Powdered Mixture
  • A Picture of What You Want to Happen, Burned to Ash*

*I think pictures often work better when making a mind-to-mind connection, especially when you want to affect the target’s dreams. Think of it as being like a picture petition.

Whisper into the bottle your petition – something like, “My lover always thinks of me when I call his/her name. He/she loves me as I should be loved; he/she works to stay close to me and is always with me in mind, body, and spirit.”  Spit into the bottle and then place the cap on. If you want to draw the person sexually, then you could take a bit of your sexual fluids and run your finger clockwise around the rim of the bottle and then place the cap on. Hold the bottle between your thumb and forefinger and gently and slowly shake the bottle back-and-forth between your two fingers while envisioning your lover acting in the manner you want.  Whenever you want your lover to call you or just think of you, whisper your lover’s name and slowly and gently shake the bottle between your thumb and forefinger.

You do not want to use too heavy of a hand with this. Do not shake it too much because you do not want to irritate your lover and cause them to become argumentative!  You just want to nudge them enough to bring about the desired results. I do not recommend using this on someone who is already involved with someone else.

Use the leftover powder to lightly dust your lover’s pillow, hat band, or hair brush.

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