The Scent of Conjure Oils


I get this question frequently. First, let me say that all of our Legendary Conjure oils are all natural. The carrier oils are natural, the essential oils, herbs, and minerals — you guessed it — natural! Sure, depending on the oil, I may add some glitter, or some links of metal chain, or some newsprint, but those are exceptions, and I might also add, traditional and symbolic ingredients. My point is, I really strive to give you guys “the good stuff” because I would only want “the good stuff” myself.

Our oils are formulated from ingredients that are logical, traditional, and generally agreeable to the nose, but not always necessarily so. Some of those ingredients are harsher or stronger than others; they may irritate the skin, are stronger smelling, or not smell so much at all. Of all the ingredient combinations possible for any given oil, what they smell like depends on what is actually in them, what the oil’s intention is, and if it is an oil that could possibly be used on the skin. And, although I certainly do it sometimes, I am not one to always add additional scents just for the smell of it. So, somewhere therein a balance is struck, thus the variations.

When shopping for your next conjure oil, keep the following in mind:  just because an oil may not have much of a smell doesn’t mean it won’t be effective. In fact, many conjure workers will tell you that they don’t necessary want something that others will notice; they want to keep whatever they are doing to themselves.

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