Saint Lazarus – Both of Them


Saint Lazarus of Bethany, brother of Martha and Mary, was resurrected by Jesus after being dead for four days. This miracle is chronicled in the Gospel of John and is why Saint Lazarus is associated with miracle cures and the ability to be “resurrected” in the face of the gravest of illnesses. Although his activities after resurrection are somewhat in question, it is generally accepted that Saint Lazarus of Bethany went on to serve the church in the capacity of bishop, though exactly where is up for debate. He is often depicted emerging from a mountain tomb. His feast day is July 29th.

Saint Lazarus of Bethany is often conflated with Saint Lazarus of Dives, the beggar at the rich man’s gate of Gospel of Luke parable fame, and who is the patron of the poor, lepers (and other skin conditions), the chronically ill, as well as sufferers of AIDS. Saint Lazarus of Dives is also associated with hospitals and has his own military order — The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. He is depicted as an emaciated man wearing rags with open sores all over is body, surrounded by dogs who lick the sores to help him heal. His feast day is June 21st.

Use the following prayer to petition either saint for restored health:

Dear Saint Lazarus, assistant of the sick and bodily vexed, with this prayer I request your assistance, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Please lift me in faith and remove from me this infirmity. Restore my strength of body and spirit so that I may enjoy good health once again.  Be with me on the path of recovery. However long and difficult it may be, let my revival be complete. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, all things are possible. Amen.

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