Peaceful Home Sweetening Jar Kit Instructions


Thank you for purchasing this Peaceful Home Sweetening Jar Kit. The instructions for the assembly and usage of this kit are written in such a way that anybody can use it. Therefore, much of the ritualistic flourishes that a practitioner might include have been omitted, but by all means, add and subtract as you wish; make the magic your own! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions. – Madame Ja


• 16 oz. Bottle of Karo Syrup
• 4 oz. Canning Jar (Contains the Faery Star Candle Stand, mentioned below)
• Peaceful Home and Prosperity Herbal Mixture
• 1/2 oz. Bottle Peaceful Home Conjure Oil
• Package Blue 4″ Chime Candles ( each burns 2 to 2 1/2 hours)
• Faery Star Candle Stand
• Two Sheets of Parchment Paper for Petition Writing
• Instructions for Assembly and Usage (You are reading them so, CHECK!)


16 oz. Bottle of Karo Syrup – This is our sweetening agent. It works quickly and does not easily go bad, so it is the perfect medium between sugar (which works quickly) and honey (which works slowly but keeps forever).

4 oz. Canning Jar – This is our container for this container spell.

Peaceful Home and Prosperity Herbal Mixture – Some of this mixture will be added to the Canning Jar for the working, but it can also be crushed and sprinkled on the candles, added to a spiritual bath, placed in a mojo or gris-gris, or powdered and added to a cornstarch base and used for sprinkling on cards, letters, or yourself. So, feel free to have fun with this, just be sure to save a tablespoon for your jar.

1/2 oz. Bottle Peaceful Home Conjure Oil – Like the Herbal Mixture, the Peaceful Home Conjure Oil can be used in a number of ways. Dab yourself with the oil as a personal perfume. Use it on the candles and the petition paper, on charms or mojo bags/gris-gris, family picture frames, door frames, or add some to the family shampoo bottle or hand soap. Yet another chance to be creative!

Package Blue 4″ Chime Candles – The candles are used to heat up the work and draw the attention of helpful spirits, as well as provide a way for you to focus on, and feed the energy of, the jar on an ongoing basis.

Faery Star Candle Stand – Provides a supportive base in which the candles can stand.

Sheets of Parchment Paper for Petition Writing – Used for writing out your petition or intention for the work. Petitions are usually no bigger than a 4 x 4 square, so if you mess up, you will still have plenty of paper with which to write another. If you really mess up and plow through all of the parchment paper, a torn square from a brown paper bag or the paper from a bag of sugar work just as well!

Set of Instructions for Assembly and Usage – You’ve read this far! Good work! =)

• A Pen or Pencil
• A Pair of Scissors
• A Wood Nail for Inscribing the Candle
• Personal Concerns from Each Person (hair from a hairbrush is perfect)


I like to take a spiritual bath before beginning any work. It removes unwanted energies, spiritual blockages, and helps to get me into the proper head-space for the work. A simple bath of lemon, Epsom salts, and brewed coffee, or other spiritual cleansing items of your choosing, will be fine. Going without a spiritual bath will work as well, but when one wants to create something new, it’s best to start fresh.


Begin by unscrewing the lid from the jar, pulling the Faery Star Candle Stand out, and setting it to one side. Lightly place the lid back on the jar and set it to one side, as well.

Using the scissors, cut one or more 4 x 4 squares from the parchment paper, for your petition.

Measure out one tablespoon of the Peaceful Home and Prosperity Herbal Mixture and place it in a small bowl and set it aside.

Pull out a candle from the pack and place it into the candle stand. Bend the prongs on the holder up so that it will grip the candle. Remove the candle and set them both to the side.


So, the most challenging part of this whole work is writing the petition. It’s challenging because it takes some practice to physically write in the prescribed format and it also requires some thought to word the petition just so.

In the middle of the petition paper square, write the names and the birth dates of the family members whom are to be influenced by the work. Be sure to leave a healthy margin around the names for the petition wording.

The petition wording is a short phrase or snippet of scripture that encompasses the goal or wish of the work. For example, if the goal of the petition were to draw money, one might write, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” or “I make money easily and have no debt.” Since this is a Peaceful Home Sweetening Jar, I would be inclined to use, Psalm 122:7, “Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces” because it addresses both peace and prosperity within the home. Alternately, you could use something much simpler like, “love affection respect communication prosperity” or “Our family is loving and supportive.”

Whatever phrase you choose, you will write it, in a circle, around the family member’s names. When you write it, do so in one long string of letters, with no spaces, without picking up the pen/pencil, without crossing t’s or dotting i’s, and making sure to join the end of the string with the beginning of the string. Once that is all written, you can then go back through and cross your t’s and dot your I’s. If you don’t get it at first, grab another square and try again. You want it to be perfect.

Next, take the Peaceful Home Conjure Oil and with a drop of it on your finger, dot all four corners and the middle of your petition paper (like the five-dot side of a dice). As you make the dots, state aloud you petition phrase, for example, “love affection respect communication prosperity.”

Once your petition is written and dressed with oil, but before you fold it, place the family member’s hairs (or other personal concerns) and a small pinch of the herbal mixture, upon the petition. You can bend it like a “U” to help keep things in one place. Now, with your wish/petition phrase in mind, fold the paper towards you once, and say the phrase aloud. Do it again at least another couple of times – fold towards you and speak the phrase, fold towards you and speak the phrase, each time turning the paper 90 degrees and to the right. Once completed, set the petition aside.

Take the jar and remove the lid. Hold the jar up to your lips and pray your petition into the mouth of the jar. Make sure that you mention each family member by name and how you want them to act towards all of the other members of the family. Pour the remaining herbal mixture in the bowl, into the jar, and cover it with some of the Karo Syrup. Take your petition and push it into the middle of the syrup and herbal mixture in the jar, and pour more Karo Syrup on top of it, so that 3/4th of the jar is full.

Dip your finger into the syrup three times, and each time say, “Just as this syrup is sweet to me, so will the members of this family be to each other.” Then spit into the jar and screw on the lid. Now, mind you, there’s no need to hack up an oyster here, just a little bit of spit to dominate the situation and activate the work is all that is needed.


Now, going forward, you will need to work the jar, weekly, by burning one of the Blue 4″ Chime Candles in the Faery Star Candle Stand, typically on a Friday (for love), Sunday (for success), or Monday (for peace at home and healing). Before doing so, use the Wood Nail to inscribe the names of the family members and/or your petition phrase into the candle. Then, dress it with a couple of drops of the Peaceful Home Conjure Oil. You can burn a candle on the jar more often than once a week, but once a week is the minimum while you are actively working the jar.


So, what to do with the rest of the ingredients? Glad you asked! If you will refer to the beginning of these instructions, under “Each Item’s Purpose” you will get some ideas. As for the Karo Syrup, I suggest using the rest of it to make something delicious that the family can share while doing some bonding activity, like watching a movie, playing a game, or having a picnic. Consult the Karo Syrup website to get some ideas.


Well, if you have accomplished what you want with the jar and no longer need to actively work it, you can keep it, indefinitely. If you need to work it again, at some later date, it will be there. Just store it way somewhere in the area of your home that you consider to be the “heart,” and it can remain.

If you no longer care to use the jar, at all, and don’t mind if the work is undone, then you can turn the contents out into a flowing river and place the remaining glass and lid into the recycle bin. Alternately, you can open it on top of an ant mound with thanks to the ants for helping you release it. The empty jar and lid can be retrieved later for placement in the recycle bin.

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