Do I Need to Buy Your Products?


The short answer is “No.” Hoodoos, rootworkers, and conjurers have worked successfully for hundreds of years without ever having used Legendary Conjure’s or any other manufacturer’s products. The things that were used were ones that were easily obtained and economical. The very soul of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is that it be simple, inexpensive, and practical; that will never change.

However, just as a marriage at the Justice of the Peace is still a wedding, many people really seem to enjoy something more elaborate. It makes them feel as though the ritual of getting married is more special, meaningful, and thrilling.

We know your money drawing work can still be wildly successful without using our Mean Green line of products, but we also know that you have the potential to be more successful with them. Why? Because they add something — power, inspiration, convenience, or whatever you feel that they do. Some people just like a little more “rich” in their ritual, and those are the people for which we make our products. Pick out an oil or a bath and try it. See if it doesn’t make you feel a little extra special.

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