A Little “Money Stay With Me” Work


I have been using the following working for years. As is typical, someone on a Facebook group asked for some help on this front and I figured that if I am writing it all out, I may as well put it here first.

You will need:

  • A Two Dollar Bill
  • Two Small, Strong Magnets
  • Gumbo Filé Powder
  • A Pen
  • Mean Green Money Drawing Oil (or other dressing substance of your choosing)
  • Magnetic Sand
  • A Small Bowl (to devote to the task)

Sigilize the bill for money drawing, however you prefer. Write on the back of it: “Money come to me; money stay with me; money grow with me,” then sign your name. Dress the bill with money drawing oil, whiskey, mint or vanilla extract, or whatever you feel inclined to use. Take a small pinch of Gumbo Filé Powder and fold it into the middle of the bill. Fold the bill towards you, so that the face of the bill is looking out when you are done with your folds. Get two magnets and dress them with the same thing you dressed the money with. Place the bill between the two magnets and place that assembly in a small bowl. Get yourself some magnetic sand and pour a little on the bill/magnets each day. When you do, repeat the phrase, “Money come to me; money stay with me; money grow with me.” When you run out of magnetic sand, gather it off of the magnets and then continue to feed the magnets with the gathered sand. If you want, you can place money drawing herbs in the bottom of the bowl with the magnets, or put a plate under the bowl and put the herbs on the plate. (Makes it easier to gather the sand when you need to.)

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