The Cotton Ball Obsession Jar


When I was coming up, it wasn’t uncommon to say that a person who wasn’t thinking straight, or was acting like they were in a fog, were “walking around like their head is full of cotton.” Meaning, essentially, that they’re acting like they’re brainless. In the practice of hoodoo, when you want to control somebody and get them to do what you desire, a pretty good way to go about it is to confuse them. So, often I see this “Cotton Ball Obsession Jar” posted, and it’s using just plain cotton balls, with the intention to surround the Target and block out everyone else but the Worker. Cotton is also kind of cloud-like, so symbolically, I can also see it being used as a means of clouding their senses. All fine and good.

But here’s the thing; to me, commercially processed cotton balls are kind of inert. (I live among cotton fields, and those I pluck by hand are an entirely different thing, but I digress.)  However, if instead, one were to use something else, or in addition to cotton balls, something that both obscures and is used in love and binding, like Spanish moss, dodder, or kudzu…Well, then, NOW it’s a party! Even still, if one wants to keep with the theme of cotton, I have seen the use of cotton candy suggested in the place of farmed cotton. This modification makes a bit more sense to me because cotton candy is sticky, dense, and sweet!

So, while I can appreciate the technique of the “Cotton Ball Obsession Jar,” in my humble opinion, it still needed some work. So, here’s my take on it.

You will need:

  • A glass jar with a metal lid
  • A picture of your target with their full name and birth date written on the back. Also, write there the phrase, “You are completely obsessed with me.”
  • Personal concerns from your target, if possible
  • A pinch of any or all of the following: Licorice Root, Calamus Root, Cinnamon, Damiana, Catnip, Clove, Chaney Root, Cubeb Berry
  • Spanish Moss, Dodder, or Kudzu, or if you so prefer, cotton and one of the first two — Spanish Moss, Dodder, or Kudzu.
  • Red Poppy Petals (preferred) or Forget-Me-Not Petals (seeds may be substituted)
  • A few drops of Black Cat Curios’ Adam and Eve anointing oil (optional)
  • A few pinches of Black Cat Curios’ Follow Me Boy or Follow Me Girl Sachet Powder (whichever the situation dictates)
  • A series of pictures of you, enough to wrap all of the way around the jar.
  • A petition paper with the Target’s name written nine times in the middle, in red ink, and in a circle around those nine, in black, write the phrase, “I, (your name), am your world and no one else matters.”
  • A clove cigarette or a cigar (not absolutely necessary, but a very nice touch)
  • An abundance of tealights

Assemble the jar in the following manner:

Take your pictures and attach them to the outside of the jar with the faces of your pictures looking into the jar. (That way, if the Target does somehow see out, he/she will see only you.) Dress the picture of the Target and the personal concerns with the anointing oil and the sachet powder. Place the picture of the target and their personal concerns in the middle of the substance of choice (be it Spanish moss, dodder, kudzu, or cotton). Place the herbs in the middle as well. Cover the Target completely in the substance, so they cannot “see” beyond it. Sprinkle the sachet powder all over this bundle and place the bundle in the jar with the Target’s head towards the top of the jar.  Sprinkle the red poppy petals/forget-me-not petals or seeds on top of the bundle in the jar. Take the jar into your hands and breath your petition and other Words of Power into the mouth of the jar. Repeat the petition/Words of Power nine times. Take a couple of drops of the anointing oil and rub it clockwise around the rim of the jar. Light the clove cigarette or cigar and blow the smoke into the jar (to surround the Target, further cloud their vision, and pull them towards you).  Screw the lid on the jar before the smoke has an opportunity to escape. Dress the petition with the sachet powder and oil. Fold the petition a series of three times away from you, towards the Target, turning it to the right a quarter turn in-between each fold. (Envision that with each fold you are sending the command out to the Target and then with each turn, you are drawing them to you — like reeling in a fish!)  Place the jar on top of the petition and a tealight on top of the jar.

Note:  At each point, be sure to instruct the ingredients with regard to your intention for their part of the work.

Work the jar in the following manner:

Burn a tealight on the jar EVERY DAY. While it is burning, reach out to the person with your mind and call them to you. When I have seen this work posted, it says to shake the jar. Don’t do that. You don’t want to upset or agitate the Target, you just want to draw them to you. Also, I have seen where it says to put the jar under your bed each night. I don’t do that either. The night is a perfect time to burn a candle on the jar, because the heat amps things up and it is easier to get past a person’s defenses when they are sleeping. So, place the jar on your altar at night and burn your candle on it there. Place the jar under your bed during the day. Also, dress yourself daily with the Follow Me Boy/Girl sachet powder and the Adam and Eve anointing oil. Do this every day for as long as it takes, but trust me, it does not take long.

If you feel the need to intensify the work, then do the petition and the candles, morning, noon, and night. So that’s three candle burns and three rounds of petitions a day, with the jar resting under your bed in-between.

Note: Practice safety at all times when burning candles. Never burn a candle on the jar when it is under your bed. If you will be sleeping or away while a candle is burning on the jar, make sure you do so in a fashion that is safe, like placing the jar in a big pot. Smokey Bear says that I have now fulfilled my requirements for avoiding safety hazards, so I’m outta here. Have fun, Conjure Campers!

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