Slowing Things Down, Blocking & Reversing


I didn’t set out to make it a trilogy, but I’m nothing if not flexible. As one might imagine, there’s not as much call to slow things down as there is to speed things up, but slowing has its place. Blocking has its place as well, but frankly, I am more of the kind to improve my own lot in life than to try to interfere with the lot of someone else. However, if someone is interfering with your lot, why not send that shit right back to them?

I offer the following in no particular order. They are all items and techniques that may be used to slow things down, block them, or reverse them. Enjoy!

Alum Powder or Lemon: Alum’s puckering power puts the breaks on gossips and other meddling fools, it’s used to “shrink” the mouth. Lemon’s sourness causes mouths to pucker, above and beyond the taste of sour, itself.

Chia Seeds: They create a pudding when added to liquid; their thickening action can slow things down and also stop-up the mouths of gossips.

Ground Sassafras Leaves, AKA Gumbo Filé: Used as a thickener so it can slow things down, in that way, it makes money last.

Knotweed: Binds and restricts people and their movements. May also be used to restrict or bind an addiction or an illness.

Spirits/Attachments: May be attached to a person or place to sap energy, to create chaos, illness, or distraction, or otherwise hold a person’s spirit down.

Using Other Thickeners: Items that thicken are also items that slow things down, e.g. arrowroot powder, cornstarch, and tapioca.

Slow/Thick Sweeteners As Opposed To Quick/Thin Sweeteners: Honey and molasses work slowly because they move slowly; sugar and maple syrup work quickly because they move quickly.

Using Things That Are Sticky: Use sticky things to impede progress, e.g. tape, tar, fly paper, rat trap trays, tree sap, chewing gum, Mucilage glue, and the aforementioned honey and molasses.

Bay Leaf: Block knowledge of your work by placing a bay leaf in each corner of the area in which you work. Alternately, bay leaves can be placed in each corner of any box in which you might place your work.

Symbolically Block Speech and/or Vision: Besides mentions under other entries, there are number of ways to control a target’s vision or speech, e.g. tongue spells, blindfolding and gagging dollies, statues, or figural candles, sealing or erasing or x-ing out the mouths or eyes on pictures and figural candles, placing hot peppers in the mouths, sewing the mouths shut, placing the target in the dark, etc.

Symbolically Block Sexual Function/Performance: Bind nature through the use ligature spells, knot work, and figural candle work.

Spanish Moss: This grey tangle of a plant that hangs from Southern trees is great for cursing and limiting work, as well as works for binding love.

Using Invasive Vines: Vines of a dominating/choking nature can be used to slow down and block progress, e.g. kudzu, dodder, cat’s claw, and skunkvine. They can also be used to hide works from others by placing the work under the vine’s mass. Be mindful of kudzu’s usefulness as an agent of speed, and make sure you are connecting to the slowing/restricting spirit of the plant when using.

Cause Confusion: All of these items can be used to cause confusion, thus slowing down progress; black mustard seed, poppy seed, red ants, red & black pepper, and dirt dauber nest.

Using Items That Are Broken/Wrong: Base your work around an object that is broken or is incomplete or incorrect, e.g. a toy car with a missing wheel, a puzzle with missing pieces, a misprinted business card. The idea being that things will not come out right/work right for the target, thus slowing down progress.

Using An Analog Wrist Watch: Turn the hands backwards to symbolically slow down or reverse time. Use a broken watch to stop progress entirely.

Using A Padlock: Add a padlock to a work to symbolically “lock it down” or lock the gateway to progress.

Using Things That Shrink: Shrinking the power of the target effects their ability to make things happen, e.g. drying out a carved apple, dehydrating a chicken heart, salting slugs, adding alum or lemon to pucker, or even making a dollie out of plastic shrinking sheets.

Using Something Heavy: You can place the work or the target under something heavy, effectively blocking progress or making progress slow and difficult.

Nail/Pin the Work Down: When you want something to be unmoved or unchanged, nail it down, e.g. nailing down your property or nailing down a dollie. Pin something in place, pin it to a dollie.

Move the Goal Away: A moving candle spell can be used to move the goal out of the grasp of the target, making it harder to reach.

Limit Resources: Using the physical half of a monetary denomination (half of a dollar bill or half of a penny) in a work will limit the monetary resources available to a target, thus slowing their ability to achieve the goal or mount a strong defense.

Using Things That Solidify: Suspend a target’s progress or effectiveness by suspending them in something solid, e.g. ice, concrete, or resin.

Using Things That Are Cooling: Things that are cooling and fidelity-inducing can quell the intensity of a situation and shut things down, .e.g. snow, chaste tree berry, cumin, eucalyptus, mint, and camphor. Be mindful of the dual-action nature of eucalyptus, mint, and camphor and make sure you are connecting to the cooling spirits of the plants when using.

Ground Snails or Shells: Used to slow things down to “a snail’s pace,” employed to stall for time or to slow someone else down so you can get in before they do.

Ground Crab or Shells/Ground Crawdad or Shells/Ground Shrimp or Shells: Used to reverse things because crabs walk backwards. Crawdads and shrimp scoot backwards so they can be used as a much cheaper replacement.

Mirrors: Among their many uses, mirrors may also be used to reverse work that is sent at you.

Other Things That Reverse Work: agrimony, lemons, salt, rue, reversing candles, tinfoil, eggs, rubber bands, springs, erasers, and moving in a counter-clockwise fashion or walking backwards.

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