Make It Happen Now with Saint Expedite


Saint Expedite is considered a folk or unauthorized saint. Yet, that does not keep him from being very popular in this fast moving world in which we live. You see, Saint Expedite, AKA Saint Expeditus, is the patron of quick fixes, speedy resolutions, and the defeating of delays. If time is of the essence, then Saint Expedite is your huckleberry. However, handling situations with a need for speed is not all that he does. He can also help you with that bad habit of putting things off and can get the money flowing in, too. When not fighting procrastination and poverty, he also finds time to be the patron of merchants, sailors, revolutionaries, programmers, hackers, and I always add, network administrators.

Saint Expedite’s iconography is unmistakable. He is depicted as a Roman soldier with a red cloak and a green palm frond. In his right hand he holds aloft a cross marked HODIE (Latin for TODAY), and crushed beneath his foot is a crow calling CRAS (Latin for TOMORROW). In this way, Saint Expedite conveys that tomorrow does not exist and that we have only today in which to act.

When petitioning Saint Expedite, offer a red candle and a glass of water. Make sure that you are clear with regard to what you want and what you are willing to offer in return for his help. Then make sure you hold up your end of the bargain should he decide to help. Notice I said, ‘should he decide to help.’ He doesn’t just work for anybody; he’s picky and temperamental. But in the event that he does come through for you, he is appeased with flowers or pound cake. If you aren’t a baker, then Sara Lee will do nicely.

A good way to begin a relationship with Saint Expedite is to offer him some water and pound cake, a candle, or flowers on his feast day, April 19th. The best way to start a relationship with him is doing that today!


Oh, Saint Expedite, beloved martyr and protector,

You remove blockages and eliminate delays.

You make tomorrow happen today.

Please hear me now, a favor I ask,

Ensure what is desired immediately comes to pass.

____________ (Clearly express what you want and ask Saint Expedite to find a way to get it to you.)

Make it quick, Saint Expedite, and when you do,

I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you.

____________ (Clearly state what you will provide as an offering for Saint Expedite’s work.)

O, Saint Expedite, grant this wish without refrain,

So that I may sing your praises and glorify your name.


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