New Year’s Jinx Breaking Work


You will need to:

  • Purchase a new pair of white cotton underwear.
  • Wash them by hand in a bowl of water with a pinch each of sugar and salt.  Pray the 23rdPsalm over the new pair of underwear.  Wring them out and dry as you normally would.
  • Pick out a pair of your old underwear that you do not like.  Pray the 37thPsalm, verses, 1, 2, 34, 37, and 38th over them.  Put them on inside out and backwards.
  • Wear the old underwear to just past the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Then immediately take them off and put the new pair of underwear on.
  • Place the old pair in a brown paper bag along with a pinch of all of the following:  Burdock, Rue, Angelica, Hyssop, and Kosher Salt.
  • Seal the mouth of the bag by tying it off with black string, but do not cut the string. Instead, continue to cover the bag with the string and roll the bag into a ball as you do, so it becomes a ball with string wrapped around it. Then tie the string off and clip the end. The ball does not have to be completely covered, just enough to make it keep its ball shape.
  • Before the sunrise on New Year’s Day, take the bag/ball to a body of running water and throw it in.  Make sure the running water is flowing away from your place of residence. When you release the bag, say the following, “Trouble roll away from me as the stone rolled away from the tomb. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost may this work be done.”

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