Miscellaneous Tips


  • Besides sand, you can also use kosher salt or aquarium rocks in the bottom of your incense burner.
  • Cicada shells are really good additions to any type of transformation work as are butterflies.
  • Ant hill dirt is really good for employment, communication, and collaboration works.
  • Deer antler is good for protective works because they are pointed and provide protection.
  • Those little baking cups that people use for cupcakes are really good to make quick sachets. Place some salt and protective herbs in them and then put them in hard to reach places to discourage the gathering of negativity in the area. Alternately, the muslin bags used for tea or bouquet garni work just as well and are easy to thumbtack into a corner.
  • Heavy, “dead” lodestones, when placed on a person’s name paper, can be used to keep a target down and unable to draw resources to him.
  • Dried scorpions are really good for protective or harmful works. They’re a nice addition to hot foot or goofer dust.
  • Alternate places, besides the graveyard, for that doom and destruction mirror box: under/in your toilet tank, in the hollow of a tree or a tree trunk, near the litter box, or under your trash can.
  • Always be wary of what you burn around children and pets, birds are especially affected by any kind of smoke.
  • When making war water, know that the Spanish moss in it will start to break down and will create gas. Leave the lid on the bottle slightly lose or else the bottle will explode.
  • You don’t have to have black dog hair/black cat fur. Any color/type will do as long as it is from a male dog and a female cat.
  • Use a lump of copal or a lodestone to symbolize the heart in a dollie.
  • Save the cotton out of medicine bottles to use for dollie stuffing.
  • Garlic is associated with Saint Michael, and it is said that you can call him just by placing a clove of garlic at his feet.
  • White candles can be used in the place of any other color of candle.
  • Salt is the ultimate multi-purpose ingredient. It is said that salt “does what you tell it to do.”
  • Create an easy “no mess” protective salt ring by filling a hula hoop with kosher or rock salt. Alternately, soak a nine or twelve-foot length of rope in heavy salt water and then
    let it dry. Shape it into a circle to step within for protection during ritual.
  • Use matchstick heads as a source of sulfur when you have run out of the powdered stuff.
  • Man-made magnets are more powerful than lodestones and are generally cheaper and easier to find.
  • Use the empty vigil candle glass as a flower holder when thanking the saints for answered petitions.
  • Queen Elizabeth Root has to be aged from 3-7 years before it attains the wonderful scent for which it is known.
  • A pair of Balm of Gilead buds are suitable replacements for Adam and Eve Roots in a mojo.
  • Place a pair of your mate’s dirty underwear inside a pair of your dirty underwear, and then place the bundle of the two in between the mattress and box spring of your bed to keep him/her “in your pants.”

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