Miscellaneous Money Moves


I will often include currency from other countries whenever I am doing money/business success work because I want the earning and spending potential of the work to be effective on a global scale. I always make sure I bring back some of the local currency of wherever I am visiting. Likewise, when friends or family travel abroad, I will ask them to bring some back as well. Older family members who have traveled widely or who have spent time in the military are usually happy to unload their stash of foreign keepsake money. I have also done exchanges with others in online groups. (If you do so, always make sure to recognize the proper exchange rate.) I have found the occasional foreign coin in thrift shops and bead stores and as change back from dollars spent. If all else fails, many banks have foreign currency available. While paper currency is lovely and often suitable for framing, coins are smaller and more durable, perfect for inclusion in oil lamps. Doing a job to make your vacation trip to France a reality? Try adding some francs or euros to the work and then spending that lucky money once you get there.


1) When you go to fold your money, and place it in your wallet, always fold the bills towards you (to bring more) and always have the bills facing out (looking for friends).

2)Try to choose a green wallet when buying a new one (green wallets attract more green dollars).

3) Never use someone else’s old wallet (you will inherit their bills).

4) Place a pinch of Blue Flag Root in your wallet to draw money and keep it from running out.

5) To ensure good luck, always keep a two-dollar bill in your wallet that someone else has given you.

6) Never let anyone else hand you your wallet. If done by anyone other than your spouse, superstition says that they will soon be asking for some of what’s in it.

7) If asked for spare change, always give more than asked. This positively affirms that you will always have more.

8) Before going out gambling, pass your money through tobacco smoke; ask the dollars to call their friends to you. Alternately, you can rub the bills on the back of a black cat to increase your luck.

9) If your profession is one that is paid mostly in tips, never leave to go to work without having a little “seed” money in your pocket.

10) Do not place your purse on the ground as this will cause your money luck to drain away.

11) Giving someone a new wallet or purse is considered good luck for both the giver and the receiver. Always give the new wallet or purse with a little bit of money in it to ensure that the recipient will never run out.

12) Always pick up the money you see on the ground. To pass by free money is to say you don’t want any more.

13) Sprinkle the dish water from a hydrated Rose of Jericho plant around your front door to bring in health and wealth.

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