Lay Your Trick and Walk Away


Laying your trick and walking away is a concept that intersects nicely with my previous post. Reason being, they are both about faith.

Some people will do a working and then they will agonize it to death, and then wonder why they got little, if any, results. When you “lay your trick and walk away” you are releasing your work to the Lord, the Universe, the Powers That Be, the Great Magic Machine in the Sky. You have done your part, and it is now time to let it go. When you agonize over it, you are essentially unconsciously saying that you do not have faith. You are demonstrating that YOU don’t believe that what you have asked for will come to pass. Ask yourself why that is? Do you feel you do not deserve it? Is the work not justified? Are you just going through the motions? Why?

Think of your work as being like a letter to the future. You have addressed it correctly and have added the right postage. Put it in the conjure mailbox and trust that it will get there.

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