Interview Packet/Gris-Gris


One thing about a good or bad economy, they create a lot of people looking for jobs. In a bad economy, there is a lot of downsizing, creating a situation where there are fewer jobs, with more people looking for those few jobs. In a good economy, you have a lot of churn, where people are shucking their old jobs in favor of something better and more job openings, in general, with both the now vacant, old jobs of those jumping ship and the creation of entirely new, available positions. Whatever the case, unless you have an absolutely smoking resume, with up-to-date skills and an inside track, you are going to need a little help securing the job of your dreams. Here’s a little packet/gris-gris action for just that occasion. (As are many of my posts lately, this one was inspired by a comment I happened to make in a Facebook group.)

You will need:

  • A Two-Dollar Bill, a Cabbage Leaf, or a square of red flannel (your choice, use to contain ingredients)
  • A pinch of Kosher Salt (for protection; symbolizes the stability of earth and money; was used as currency in the days of old)
  • A pinch of Queen of the Meadow (allows one to be looked upon with favor and respect; opens the way to new opportunities and courses of action)
  • A pinch of Master of the Woods (used to command situations and people; brings victory over adversaries)
  • A pinch of Deer’s Tongue (used to charm would-be employers through eloquence and persuasive speech)
  • A Bay Leaf (promotes victory in any competition; encourages wisdom and clarity; enhances leadership qualities)

In addition, depending on what kind of job want, include one or both of the following:

  • Five-Finger Grass (used to bring success in work done with the hands or in tasks requiring good manual dexterity)
  • Solomon’s Seal Root (encourage wisdom through clarity of thought; promotes leadership qualities; draws success and favor)

Take the Bay Leaf and write the following on it: “The Job Is Mine.” Take all ingredients and combine and place in either the bill, the cabbage leaf, or the red flannel square. You can gather up the tips of the red flannel square around the ingredients and then tie just above the ball formed by the ingredients with red string, making a gris-gris. Recite the 23rd Psalm while doing so. Alternately, you can fold the items into the two-dollar bill or cabbage leaf, like so: fold in half towards you, three times, turning the bill 90 degrees to the right in between each turn. Wrap the packet with red string, in a crisscross pattern, while reciting the 23rd Psalm.

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