How to Work with Sachet Powders


Sachet powders are great as a follow up to a spiritual bath. In fact, layering a spiritual bath, with sachet powders and conjure oils, is the best. But that is just the beginning. Sachet powders are used much the same way as conjure oils, but they do not leave an oily residue, which makes them even easier to deploy. Try them on important papers, or transfer them onto people’s clothes when brushing by them. Sprinkle them across thresholds and onto sidewalks. Dress playing cards, birthday cards, and business cards. Use them in all of your works — sprinkled on candles and petition papers, or spooned into dollies, jars, and packets. Our sachet powders make it so easy to be sneaky, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself!

A Little Dab Will Do Ya — Easy Patch Testing

We always recommend that you do a patch test before using any of our products next to your skin. Apply a small amount of the sachet powder in question to the inside of your wrist or elbow and leave it, uncovered and unwashed, for 24 hours. If no sign of itching, redness, or swelling occurs after the 24-hour period, it should be safe for you to use the sachet powder. However, if a reaction does develop, discontinue the use of the sachet powder and seek the advice of a physician.

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