How To Take A Spiritual Bath


Just as physical dirt builds up on our bodies, so does spiritual dirt. Each day we go out into the world and encounter people and things that have their own vibrations and spiritual attachments. We will often absorb these energies and carry them with us as we go about our day. Soon we become bogged-down and unbalanced because of all we have absorbed. We must have a way of removing what we pick up to restore our natural equilibrium; a spiritual bath can be a simple and soothing way of doing so.

A spiritual bath can also address other concerns. For instance, we may wish to change or enhance our spiritual vibrations so that they may assist us in drawing the kinds of things we want into our lives. Alternately, we may need to remove spiritual blockages or habits that keep us from drawing those things that we want.  We may need to protect ourselves from the directed negativity or unhealthy influences of others, or even need to remove those people from our lives completely. Performing a spiritual bath is an excellent way to begin addressing each of these situations and get things moving in the right direction.

Spiritual baths are flexible and powerful tools for dealing with the effects of daily life or for handling more advanced issues.  Just as we may utilize a daily shower to care for our physical bodies, so too may we utilize a spiritual bath for maintaining our spiritual selves and making progress. Please see the link below for detailed instructions on taking a spiritual bath. This information is located on our main site so please be aware that the following browser redirection is intentional.


These directions are not meant to be all encompassing or authoritative beyond my own experiences and what I have learned through trial-and-error and other instruction. As is the case with many things in life, one should feel free to “keep the best and leave the rest.”


Planning & Preparation

    1. The proper timing of the spiritual bath should be the first consideration. Set aside at least an hour during which you can relax, focus, and work without interruption. You may also wish to take into account timing correspondences such as the phase of the moon, the day of the week, or the date. However, none of these is as important as listening to what your gut tells you is right or the possible need to act quickly on an issue.
    2. Take a shower or bath like that which is already a part of your normal hygiene regimen. This will get you physically clean and ready you to get spiritually clean. (I usually shower and then take a spiritual bath.)
    3. Determine what type of spiritual bathing preparation you will use. Should you choose to use bath crystals, a ready-made liquid bath, or a mineral-only type of bath mixture, then you can add them directly to the bath water. Alternately, any herbal bath blend teas will need to be prepared ahead of time and then added to the bath. (Please see below for instructions on preparing an herbal tea for your spiritual bath.)
    4. Do a quick scrub on your bathtub with a small amount of vinegar, salt, lemon juice, or ammonia. Rinse the tub thoroughly and then draw yourself a bath. You may wish to do a quick scrub again, after your spiritual bath, if the purpose of the spiritual bath was to remove something.
    5. Add to the bath water your choice of spiritual bathing preparation. Stir the preparation into the water with your dominant hand. Stir clockwise to draw things to you and counter-clockwise to remove things from you. Pray or recite words of power over the water. If you have a petition, and have not already stated it, then go ahead and do so at this time. Recite your petition the number of times that corresponds to the goal you want – three, nine, or thirteen times for protection, uncrossing, the removal of evil, or other such banishing works, or three, seven, nine, eleven, or twenty-one times for good luck, love, healing, justice, and other such drawing works. Be sure to maintain number consistency as you complete the rest of the steps. Be sure to maintain number consistency as you complete the rest of the steps. You can read more about utilizing numbering HERE.
    6. On whichever side it is that you approach the bathtub, place a small white candle to your left and to your right in such a way as to create a little gateway through which you will step in and out of the bath. Light each candle. You may also choose to light incense at this time; any incense that will help you get into the proper frame of mind or something that is condition-specific would be appropriate.

Taking the Bath

    1. Undress and step forward into the bath through the candlelit “gateway.”
    2. Once in the tub, remain standing if the point of your bath is to remove something from you, or sit down in the water if the goal is to draw something to you (or you could also just remain standing). The idea is, if you want to remove something from your person, then you don’t want to be sitting in whatever is being removed (even though the purpose of the bathing preparation is to help neutralize it). If you are trying to draw something to you, then the more contact with the water, the better, but it will work either way.
    3. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and focus. If you are trying to remove something and are standing, or are trying to draw something and are standing, the process will be the same. Take a small bowl, dip it into the water, and pour the water over your head and body. Do this the number of times that corresponds to the goal you want – three, nine, or thirteen times for protection, uncrossing, the removal of evil, or other such banishing works, or three, seven, nine, eleven, or twenty-one times for good luck, love, healing, justice, and other such drawing works. If you are sitting in the water, you can use a bowl to pour the water over your head the prescribed number of times, or alternately, submerge your body/head that number of times.
    4. Once you have finished this series of pours or submersions (as the case may be), find your bearings and then stand up (if you are not already standing). While standing, sweep your hands either down or up your body – sweep down your body to remove something from you or up your body to draw something to you. If your goal is to remove bad things from you, e.g. danger, crossed conditions, or bad habits, then sweep from the top of your head to your neck, down and under your arms, down your torso and legs, to the soles and toes of your feet. Conversely, if your goal is to draw good things to you, e.g. love, money, or success, sweep from the toes and soles of your feet, up your legs and torso, under and up your arms, to your neck and the top of your head. While sweeping your body, back up your actions with words that declare what you want, for example, “Money comes to me quickly and easily” or “I remove this condition from me; I am restored and made whole.”
    5. Before stepping out of the bath and letting the water drain out of the tub, collect a cup of the bath water and set it aside for later.
    6. Carefully step backwards out of the tub, back through the candlelit gateway.

Drying & Recitation

    1. You will need to air-dry after exiting the tub. This does not mean you have to walk around with swampy nether regions, by all means, take a towel to them! However, you do want the bath water to dry on the majority of your body, so try to refrain from toweling-off too much. To do so would effectively remove the positive benefits of the spiritual bath, thus negating all of the work you have already put into the process.
    2. So, what will you do while you are air-drying? Ideally, you will pray, recite intention-specific Psalms, or recite other words of power. (Perform the recitation of Psalms the same number of times as you performed your petitions and submersions or pours.) Whatever you choose to say, get into it! Testify! Fill your voice with conviction as you speak aloud what you want. Know that what you want is yours! Believe it to receive it!

Dressing, Repetition, & Disposal

  1. Once you are sufficiently dry, snuff out the candles. (Reuse them during another round of spiritual bathing, assuming it is for the same intention.) At this time, you may choose to reinforce your work by dressing your body with condition-specific sachet powders and anointing oils. Clothe yourself in clean, light-colored fabrics. Something white and natural, like cotton or silk, would be best. If that is not possible, then at least wear light-colored undergarments and natural fabrics on top of them.
  2. Pick up the remaining cup of bath water and walking out of your front door, take it to the edge of your property or to the nearest crossroads.**Once there, face the west and throw the bath water over your left shoulder towards the east. Finish the act by saying a short closing prayer or words of power that complete the bathing rite. A simple, “In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, this work is complete” or “I release this work to the Universe” will suffice. Then, without looking back, walk directly home the way you came.**I learned to always throw towards the sunrise (towards the east), unless performing a work that required I do otherwise. The “sunrise method” as I call it, is traditional, consistent, and easy. It has not always felt correct to me, and that probably has something to do with my evolution as a worker. If for you this is also true, you can try this variation: to draw something to you, face the west and throw the bath water over your left shoulder (towards the east). To remove something from you, do the opposite — face the east and throw the bath water over your right shoulder (towards the west).**Yet another technique you could try involves the use of the front and back yards of your home. You would throw the bath water for things you want to decrease, more away from you, or get rid of, in the front yard and throw the bath water in the backyard for things you want to grow, bring to you, or keep. (I think of it this way: I set my trash out front to be taken away, but I grow vegetables in my garden out back.) Essentially, it is a matter of what works for you, what feels right or comfortable. Since spiritual bathing should be something you do on a regular basis, you will have plenty of opportunities to figure that out for yourself.
  3. As an alternative to just disposing of the remaining cup of bath water, you could use it to do some needed spiritual house cleaning. Add the remaining water to your wash bucket, and then once done cleaning house, the wash bucket water can then be disposed of via one of the methods described above.
  4. Be sure to properly dispose of the other components of your spiritual bath: candle remnants, spent herbs, incense ashes, etc. They should be disposed of in a manner that is respectful of the fact that they were used in a spiritual work. You can learn more about the disposal of such items HERE.
  5. Be sure to repeat spiritual baths as needed the number of days that support your intention (same number of petitions, same number of submersions/pours, same number of recitations, etc.), with the least amount of days being three. Also, never underestimate the power of the occasional or monthly cleansing bath to keep you free of spiritual crud; it cannot help but do you good.

Taking a Spiritual “Bath” In A Shower Stall or Galvanized Tub

Shower Stall:  Place a white candle on either side of the shower entryway. Light the candles. Prepare the spiritual bath in a wash basin and bring the basin into the shower with you. Gather your thoughts and then pour the preparation over your head, catching some of the water in the basin as it runs off of your body. Put the basin aside, and then sweep up or down your body with your hands (as detailed above in Step 10). Continue with Steps 11 through 19.

Galvanized Tub:  Prepare the spiritual bath in the galvanized tub. Place a white candle on either side of the galvanized tub. Light the candles. Step into the tub. Gather your thoughts and then utilize a small bowl to pour the preparation over your head and body (as detailed above in Step 9). Continue with Steps 10 through 19.

Preparing an Herbal Tea for a Spiritual Bath

  1. Prepare a tea from your choice of herbs by placing them in a muslin bag and then placing the bag in a pot of water that has just begun to boil. You can also skip this step and just put the herbs directly into the pot of water, but remember to strain them out later before adding the tea to your bath.
  2. Turn off the heat and let the herbs steep for about 30 minutes. The herbs can steep longer if you wish, but certainly, no less than 30 minutes to make sure that their essences have had an opportunity to infuse the water.
  3. Pray over the herbal tea as it steeps. Ask that the herbs help you in accomplishing whatever goal you have in mind. If you have a petition, then recite it as well. (Recite petitions three times or more depending on the intention and, frankly, how much work you want to put into it. The important thing is consistency throughout the process. See steps 10, 15, and 18 above in regards to this.)
  4. Once the bathing area has been prepared, strain the tea and add it to the bath water. If a muslin bag is doing the straining for you, it can be taken out of the pot and set aside, or it can be transferred to the bath along with the herbal tea.
  5. Later, remove the spent herbs from the strainer or muslin bag and place them under a bush or tree, with your thanks.

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