How To Make A Salt Water Cure In Feng Shui


I have been practicing feng shui for about ten years now. It just has always made sense to me that the arrangement of things and the elements of that arrangement should be in harmony. I can always feel when other energies are off, so why not those types of energies.

In addition, feng shui dovetails nicely with my other metaphysical pursuits. You gotta keep things spiritually and physically clean. There’s a lot of use of statuary and being mindful of things — all things I am already doing, using, practicing.

So anyways, a salt water cure is used to control negativity in an area. Depending on what style of Feng Shui one might practice, a particular area of your home may be afflicted for a period time, and a salt water cure is placed in that area to help control the energies and remove that negativity. Besides yearly afflictions, an area of your home may be hosting other types of negativity, and so this fix is great for that type of situation, as well.


You will need:

  • A Large Glass Jar with a Screw-Top Lid
  • 6 Chinese Coins
  • Rock Salt
  • Distilled Water

Remove and set aside the screw-top lid. You will need it sometime in the future, but not now.

Fill the jar about halfway full with the rock salt.

Place the six coins in a circle on top of the salt in the jar. Be sure to place the Chinese characters face up.

Slowly fill the jar with the water, being careful not to disrupt the coins. Stop filling when the water is about an inch above the coins.

Set the jar out of the way in the afflicted area or in an area where you feel a lot of negativity pools. The jar needs to be out of the way, but not stuffed in a cabinet. The air needs to be freely circulating around it.

You will notice that it will get all crusty. Just keep maintaining the level of water. Eventually, you will want to screw the lid on it and toss it in the trash away from your home. You can do this once the Chinese New Year rolls around or when you feel it has done its job — whichever comes first. You want to make sure none of the salt crystals make it outside of the jar, so toss it out before that becomes an issue and replace it with another one.

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